PepsiOtaku's DynRPG Plugin Emporium!

Hey there folks! So if you haven't noticed yet, I've been busy uploading some of the plugins I've made for DynRPG to hopefully generate some new interest and spread the word that RPG Maker 2003 isn't as limited as it used to be. The possibilities really are endless, and anyone can start developing plugins! Yes, even you!

First off, I am not by any stretch of the imagination a coding guru. I took a couple weeks back in February and followed the C++ tutorials HERE in order to learn the basics. From there, I started brainstorming what kinds of things I wanted to try with DynRPG, and dove right into it. Understanding the SDK and how it interacts with RPG Maker 2003 is probably the hardest part (yes, harder than actually learning C++). There's a lot to read and understand, but it's not impossible! If I can do it, you can too!

With that said, my main use for this thread is to consolidate the plugins I've made into one place that people can go to and view, as opposed to sifting through the DynRPG thread for hours with varying success. Most of the plugins I've made so far are GUI changes, and can all be interconnected, so I've dubbed these CMS Tools.

So here, goes. Onto the plugins!

I've moved everything over to GitHub so I can update plugins more easily:


Old stuff below

Don't limit yourself to just DynRPG. Cherry has made a plethora of other patches that you may find useful, that can be patched on top of DynRPG. I've created a collection of my personal favorite patches, pre-patched for your convenience! If you are planning on making custom menus, these are indispensable. Grab them below:

CMS Tools: DynRPG IPS Patch Compilation


- Better Auto-Enter Patch (for custom title screens)
- Custom Save/Load Patch (for custom save/load menus)
- Save Switch Patch ("Save" command in the main menu turns on a switch)
- No Auto-Battle Patch (removes Auto-Battle window)
- Message Window Display Hack ("Shift" key always fills out message window text, and ignores text speed changes)
- bugmenot's Reflect animation bugfix

CMS Tools
This is a collection of powerful plugins designed specifically for making customized menu screens, and controlling certain aspects of RM2k3's engine that wasn't previously controllable.

Here's a taste of what you can do with these plugins:

CMS Tools: Advanced Faster ATB

This plugin allows you to control the battle speed by a variable, and set a default percentage to multiply the battle speed by from within the DynRPG.ini.

ATB Overhaul

This plugin allows you to control the speed calculations of party members and monsters independently, in turn controlling the speed of ATB bar. Because of this, it dramatically changes the active/wait system.

CMS Tools: Order Switch

This plugin overrides the default "Order" command in the main menu and turns on a switch. This allows you to design a custom menu via common event, and go to it directly from the main menu, the same way Cherry's Save Switch Patch does with the "Save" menu. It also makes "Order" always selectable.

CMS Tools: Quit Switch

This plugin overrides the default "Quit" command in the main menu and turns on a switch.

CMS Tools: Extra Keys (from RagnaDyn)

This plugin allows for the ATB mode, fullscreen toggle, and windowsize toggle, to be controlled by switches.

CMS Tools: Save Detector & Delete Save function

The Save detector portion detects if you have any save games present in your game directory, and is specifically used for your custom title screen. If there are saves present, switch will be turned ON. If there are no saves, it will be turned OFF.

The Delete Save portion combines my earlier "Save Detector" plugin with a function to delete save files by setting a variable to the Save's ID. After it deletes a save file, it automatically runs a check to see if all of the saves have been removed, and changes the save detector switch accordingly.

CMS Tools: Save Cleanup

This plugin fixed a minor bug caused by DynRPG. If you save a game while using DynRPG, and then install a new plugin, and load your save again, it will just show a black screen and hang. To get around this, I made a plugin that deletes all of the "Save##.dyn" files upon quitting the game.

CMS Tools: Menu Transition Tweaks

When the menu goes from Save/Order/Quit to a Switch ON state using one of the other CMS Tools plugins, there was a transition bug that showed the screen before the Switch ON event could act. This makes this transition "Hide Screen" when you go to the Save/Order/Quit command, allowing the developer to manually control the transition via a "Show Screen" command. The recommended use is to initialize all of your images (Show Picture), and then show the screen.

CMS Tools: Global Save Data (Store a range of variables)

This plugin was designed to work alongside the CustomSaveLoad patch. It saves variables from a particular save file into a binary "database" (SaveGlobal.dyn) and assigns them an identifier based on the save file (Save13.lsd = an id of 13). Using this identifier, the plugin can import those variables from another save file, allowing you to display Heros, HP, MP, Lvl, Location, Gold (among other things) in your custom save/load menu.

CMS Tools: Main Menu Game Playtime Clock w/Foreground & Background Image Support

This plugin calculates & displays the time played in the main menu. It does this by identifying the amount (in seconds) the current session has been open (since either starting a new game or loading a save), and adds this amount to the total playtime, then converts the result to a clock format.

It also supports easily adding both a foreground & background image to your main menu.

CMS Tools: Battle Layout Changer

This plugin allows you to change the System2 set & Battle Layout setting (Traditional/Alternative/Gauge) by setting a variable for either, and setting Large/Short Windows & Window Transparency by switch!

CMS Tools: Hero Rename

This plugin allows you to extract the name of a hero to a range of variables and vice-versa, allowing you to build a custom enter hero name screen.

System: Display Options

This plugin enables RPG_RT.ini settings like starting in a window or fullscreen, and enables Cherry's "AnotherFullscreenMode" tool, with in-game controls for all. With it, you can create a "Display Settings" menu in-game with several options, and the ability to add your own default ini settings of any kind that the user can change easily if they wish.

Battle Enhancements
This is a category I'll hopefully be growing soon, and contains anything battle-related.

Provoke Skill

This plugin adds the ability for a "Provoke" skill. What it does is tracks the hero who cast it, and tells the enemy target to attack that hero as long as the "Provoke" condition on them lasts. It also supports multiple hero/monster scenarios, so potentially, all of your party members can Provoke different enemies, and the monsters will stick to their corresponding attackers. Additionally, if 2 different heroes Provoke the same monster, the monster will attack the last hero to Provoke them.

MP/Stat Popup in Battle

This plugin displays MP in battle after MP has been healed. It supports all heroes at once in addition to individual heroes.

Store Item, Skill ID & Condition ID in Battle

This plugin will store the Skill or Item ID that's used during a battle's action to a variable, and turn on a switch saying it was done. This allows for additional battle trigger conditions.

Everything else.

Auto Switches w/ Custom Var Import/Export

This plugin allows for auto-switches by event # & page #, meaning you can add things like chests & searchable pots without using precious switches. Additionally, if you wanted to give something different search states (searched more than once) you can just add more pages. It also includes commands to save/load additional variables by name.

System/Custom Sound & Music Player

Calls system sound effects and music from any event script via comment command. You can also set your own custom se/bgm assignments to call via DynRPG.ini (like character themes, & frequently used sounds & music)

Epic Run Key

This plugin allows you to easily add a run key system to your game, and will automatically change the hero's charset according to a speed threshold parameter you set. For instance, if you want the walk speed to be set to "3" and the run speed to "4" Setting the threshold to "4" will use the running charset when the hero is at speed 4.

Project Templates

I included a project template with my Game Playtime Clock plugin, but projects for the other plugins (or one big "CMS Tools" project) is on my To-do list, balancing my ongoing work Everlasting Journey.

Unfortunately I don't have a plug & play System, Save/Load, or Party menu plugin yet, but it's a project I've been curious about investigating further. It would be very ambitious


Please report problems related to individual plugins in their respective threads. If you want to improve on any of them, I've included sources in each of the downloads. If you decide to redistribute you're version of the plugin, I only ask that you credit me somewhere for the original code.

Do not flood me with a zillion plugin requests. I'm only interested in making battle plugins at the moment, so if you have an idea that would improve on the DBS, that everybody would benefit from (like a plugin-based Scan or Steal command), request away.

Plugin requests for bugfixes are a bit beyond my skill level at the moment. If we can grow the DynRPG community more, it will encourage Cherry to make future improvements on DynRPG, where he can hopefully fix additional bugs.

All-in-all, I hope this thread is beneficial to some people. Viva la RM2k3!
Whoa, an Emporium? Mommy, buy me that one.

No, but seriously, this is awesome for you to do. The save bug is definitely worth having a plugin.

Battle Plugins, huh?

Could we have a Item/Skill tracker (if possible)? I know of only two battles I'd actually use it, but Skie Fortress also mentioned it in his Skill Canceling Bug Fix. And for people who are trying to run battle events without a freakish amount of switches, I'd say this might be beneficial to everyone. Assuming it can actually be done, I'm not sure about that. Something where you have @check_for_skill 115, or @check_for_item 125 (plus the switch it turns on), where it checks after the skill if used whether it matches the ID.
Well, there are already workarounds within rm2k3 for tracking skills & items (just google for scan & steal tutorials), so I'd rather not reinvent the wheel.

What I want to do is eliminate the need for devoting battle event pages for skills entirely, so all you need to do is identify which skill or condition you want to use the plugin with (like Provoke), and watch it work. Writing a Scan/Steal system is a huge hassle, so I'd like to eliminate the hassle.
Devoting battle event pages for skills huh...hmmmm. Well, here's a list of what that could possibly entail:

(Note, these may or may not come directly from the FF series):

Provoke (You already did this, and I thank you for that~)
Cover (Again, don't know if that's possible to do)
Mix (Is there a workaround for this? I have not even seen this at all...I guess they COULD be skills, but that doesn't seem like it should work that way, if you know what I mean?)
Bushido (Like the one from FFVI. Again, don't know if there's an actual workaround for this)
Blitz (Same as this one)
Slots (Same as this one!)
Counter (A legit one, not one that counters everything like how Reflect Skills status thingie does. Like, say you get hit by a physical attack, then Counter would happen. Get hit by a magic attack, then Magic Counter would happen. Evade an attack, Evade & Counter would happen, given if the author gave them those)
Defend (FFV's version where any physical damage taken is reduced to 0)
Control/Manipulate (there's an awful workaround for this that doesn't really work...)
Hide (Who knows if this would work? You know...character runs off-screen, and cannot be targetted but cannot be damaged nor act until they return? If they all Hide, then they'd escape. Something like that...)
Jump (This thing...I've been wanting to do but don't think it's possible normally)
Salve (Use an item on the entire party that's normally single-target. I've seen no good workarounds for this)
W-Item (A proper one. You could potentially do this already by making Item usable twice via coding, but it'd be nice to have it so you can target separate targets with it without using the same item twice)

On top of all of that, is there any GOOD way to make it so you can single-target an ALLY? Because you can target all enemies/allies, you can target one enemy, you can target all enemies, or you can target all allies (given the proper coding/usage of battle commands), but you CANNOT target one ally at all...

So yeah....there's some ideas for you, and that's just command abilities and whatnot. I could go diving into skills proper if you want me to look for anything to get your juices flowing with ideas or whatnot??
All awesome suggestions. I have a horrible memory when it comes to FF skills, so this is great. Slots & Blitz would probably be the hardest to do since one has to track key-presses, and the other has to do so much on the screen visually. I'll probably tackle the others first. There's a few on there that I can probably code pretty easily.
No problem~ These were all originally stuff I was going to use for my game, but couldn't get them to work/couldn't figure out how to do them at all. Some just were impossible normally (Jump being a prime example here).

Once again, if there's other stuff that you want to try, such as statuses like Quick status (Take 2 turns in a row, which I kinda did in a way but it requires a for the character), Disease, and other things, or need a clarification of what does what, feel free to ask me~ ^^
Well, there are already workarounds within rm2k3 for tracking skills & items (just google for scan & steal tutorials), so I'd rather not reinvent the wheel.

What I want to do is eliminate the need for devoting battle event pages for skills entirely, so all you need to do is identify which skill or condition you want to use the plugin with (like Provoke), and watch it work. Writing a Scan/Steal system is a huge hassle, so I'd like to eliminate the hassle.

It sounds like you're confusing skills with commands.

Commands is fairly easy (and there is a condition that isn't page, so yea, I've got a ton of them on one page). I can do a scan skill as part of a command, and it's easy. Or as a switch.

No, what I'm talking about is... something like this. An enemy asks for a potion. It checks for items, and it displays the animation, only on the enemy. The enemy gives you an item in return. This does not involve a different item (as in swapping out for something actually a switch), and it checks for potion and high potion, but not elixir.

In any case, you could probably do both what you're talking about and what I'm talking about, with the right plugin.
For a battle plugin, I'd like to request a turn-based system. I have used Cerberus's plugin, but it has one glaring issue (game often freezes when a party member dies or gets immobilised). If it helps I can provide the source code that came with the plugin download.
Personally, I'd just kill for a demo of the save/load menu, because that's REALLY cool. The titlescreen seems simple enough to do with pictures, as does the party selection screen, but that save/load is something else what with all the information displayed AND how many save files are there. It doesn't even have to be a PnP; just simply being able to see the coding for some of these custom menu systems would be enough, at least for advanced enough users of the engine, to be able to adapt them to their own uses.

As for DBS updates... I'll echo the turn-based request. Really my only thing with the DBS is speed (which is eliminated with turn-based), the fact that MP healing doesn't show up on the screen, and if a skill is 0MP, it'll show "Skill Name - 0" instead of just showing the skill name.

So I guess... also add on a way to show MP healing? I don't know how possible that is, haha.
Yea, I'm not gonna echo turn-based (I invented my own system, so I'm pretty satisfied) request.

But I wouldn't mind having if MP cost is 0, don't display MP cost. I'd also like it to show 15% instead of 198 for percent spells.
S-So much stuff to have fun with, the possibilities... O_O;;;
Yea, I'm not gonna echo turn-based (I invented my own system, so I'm pretty satisfied) request.

Yeah, I'd use it if it didn't mess up the animated enemies plugin.=(
trance2: I would actually love to post some kind of tutorial/project template for my save/load menu, but it's a monster. It would take me a day just to export it all to a blank project, name all the switches/vars it uses, and make any necessary alterations.

All of these common events are part of it:

I'm working on a "display MP" plugin right now since that shouldn't be too difficult. It's partially working already (displays before a battler's action though). I attempted a counter attack one last night, but got stuck as it requires you to force a battler's action (which is supposedly "experimental"). I'll revisit it, and see what works and what doesn't.
What's the Normal Skill Duration patch about? It says something about a bugfix, but I don't really understand.

Cherry talks about it here:

It removes this:
Improvement: The skill information window is longer visible in battle. This makes it easier to understand the moves of monsters.

Skie Fortress brought up some kind of bug with it, so Cherry made a fix to remove it.
Wow, that's... pretty intense haha. But then again, I'm half of the mind that if someone's going to offer pre-patched Custom Save/Load that there should be AT LEAST some kind of example. It's a complex system that basically NEEDS to be in place for the maker to actually do anything with their saving and loading. But... that also sounds super entitled, so that's why it's only half a mind I guess.

It's also probably why I'm having so much trouble trying to wrap my head around trying to get it to work. .-.
hi, dunno if anyone already posted it (didn't read the whole topic.. shame on me, i know..) but i think it would be cool a plugin that shows MP variation during a fight. i dunno why EB didn't do it themselves but... oh well...

also, if you're planning on taking non-battle related plugin requests again in the future, u think it's possible to make an improved version of the quit/order switch plugin that let's u manually allow/unallow that command (like... via comment or switch)?
(for the save it can be done with the regular event command, but i won't mind having it with order and quit as well)?
Oh god yes, MP healing shown would be fantastic. That's something that bugs the living hell out of me, especially since I have skills that restore/reduce MP, as well as statuses like MP Regen and MP Sap. Actually...would that same MP healing thing you're doing double over for MP damage as well?

I imagined the Counter thing was going to be a toughie to do. ^^;
ok so apparently pepsiotaku himself said he was working on a Mp Display (i just invented the name lol) plugin, so i come up with another (very dumb) request:
It's not strickly battle-system related, but it has something to do with battle:

i would like to be able to change the battle hud (the sytem2 file) which apparently cannot be changed during the game via event (like the normal system) the idea is to use the dyn config file sorta like we do in the game_clock_plugin to decide the foreground; using a variable called, for example, , we add multiple strings, one for each value and we point at a file to load.
For example, in the game_clock plugin we have this:

we could have something like
System2Var= 4011

think it's possible to do something like that?
Let's see, if I remember correctly, HP damage uses 0, and healing uses 9 on system colors. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to use 10 (healing) and 19 (damage) for MP.

Trance, it does take some head-wrapping, but just mainly what you need to know is how to make (even a simple) custom menu, and how to add pictures/change graphics. You can seriously do even calling a simple choice, but that kinda defeats the whole reason for a custom menu.

... I just found out my system actually runs worse without the skill delay. The battle cycles through turns too fast without it, making things like poison (with the TB system) drain too much too fast.