I know that you mean this.

What I didn't get was why you needed to mention it in a formula that you wanted to be changed - to which you did not mention Int as that "pseudo magic def" - and things got out of hand. Now there's a giant picture above my post.

Interpreted your words as "can I have a proper 'armor pierce' in my game".
Actually, I got exactly what I wanted, my fighter now scales with stat increases. So thanks, the patch really works!
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Oh my! These sweet, sweet plugins make my mouth water when I think about the possibilities! Thanks for the hard work! :D

I looked into the "help page" but I'm rather sleepy right now... can the "ATB Overhaul" be used to make turn based battles like in RPG Maker 2000?

If not, then is it possible to make a DynRPG Plugin that changes the RPG Maker 2003 default battle system into a full turn based battle system?
Actually, I found this when looking at Millennin's FADE.

Alot of the ATB Overhaul produces screwy bugginess when you test it without variables, but this seems to work out of the box.

It could use some love though, there's an issue with it freezing if everyone has paralyze or sleep (if nobody can move and there is no recovery chance this ends battle with loss to the party/enemies, otherwise, it skips the party turn).
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Thanks bulmabriefs144!

I just tested it and there's a few bugs (battles start in default battle system and only change to turn based after the first turn was made, sometimes enemies attack before their turn in addition to the bug you pointed out about the paralyze/sleep status).

I guess I'll read this whole topic and the one about Dyn RPG so I get acquainted with all this and maybe try to fix those issues.
Wow, thanks! I figured this plugin was gonna go the way of the dodosaur.

Good to have someone work on it. Good luck! And ask people for help. Some of the people who have worked on this could give you pointers.
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Wow, thanks! I figured this plugin was gonna go the way of the dodosaur.
Good to have someone work on it. Good luck! And ask people for help. Some of the people who have worked on this could give you pointers.

Just don't get your hopes to high, I'm currently very busy and would need to learn all this for the first time, so... yeah... :p
My game's actually still being worked on, I just haven't updated my page or download file in ages. The system I have now is more stable than the one in my current downloadable demo (which is pretty outdated right now).
Can you... ummm, update? I kinda wanna try your game again.
Thanks, but I want to have more game content finished before I do. While I do have some things going on in my life right now, I hope I can get a new demo with a decent amount of new content done in the next 1-2 months.
Mmmm. Then I'll probably not see it. I'm probably heading out to parts unknown after Christmas.
I'm wondering if a target-all feature can be done, reduced effect optional.
Hey Pepsi, I was testing the plugin game_jolt, and after following the instructions in the readme, I started the game, but inexplicably just before the show title screen I get this error:

It could be due to the fact that I have installed the latest version of Microsoft Visual C ++?
@kaine87: Yes, make sure you have this version installed: (vcredist_x86.exe)
Also, Did you copy "libcurl.dll" into your game's directory as well? (main dir alongside RPG_RT.exe, etc)
nope and yes the libcurl.dll is in the main folder.
I installed the latest Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015
do you think is this is the problem?

ok solved, the latest version was the problem ^^
Yeah I think it needed to be 2013 specifically. You see that kind of stuff on Steam when you launch certain games and it auto-downloads certain versions before starting up the game for the first time. Unfortunately, the game_jolt plugin had to be this way because either the Game Jolt c++ API I used or libCurl was coded with 2013 syntax.

libCurl is basically how the plugin connects to the internet, and the game jolt API is how it connects to your user account, and grabbing the achievement lists/ids/stuff.
New question.
Is there a way to disable the opening of the login menu(shift+tab), if you use the default title screen?
The only thing you can do is disable the popup message. Change "DisableLoginAtTitle=false" to true.

It's built to be like Steam, google play, or Xbox 360+, in that it is accessible as long as you are in the game, so disabling going into the menu on the title screen would be kind of counter-intuitive, as that's the most likely time someone would log in. The only time you can't hit shift+tab is when you finish a battle and the xp, etc are displayed. I had to disable it in that spot to fix a huge bug (fixed like 5 months ago). At any rate, achievements are based on your Game Jolt account (not dependent on the save), so it makes sense to keep it global.

Think of it like a heirarchy:

Your Game Jolt account
+ Your Game
- Achievements
- High Scores
+ My Game
+ Someone else's game

Couple other things to note: Once you login once, you can basically quit the game to windows, and go back into it, and you'll still be logged in. If it doesn't do that, make sure you have a "Settings.ini" if you don't have one, as that's where your user/pass is stored (make sure you log out/remove them before distributing your game). Now that I think about it, it would probably be better if that's stored in AppData somewhere, so that you can log in once and be logged into multiple games that used the plugin, but the likelihood of this plugin taking off to warrant something like that is pretty low. :)