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Dear members of,

It has come to my attention that there are a few games on this website that are also MULTIPLAYER.

This being said, there is one specific game that has my full attention right now and I am willing to search out to find other gamers of this specific game.

The game is called "Super Smash Bros Crusade", you can find it on here at:

For those who are playing this game or would like to play this game, I am interested in seeing whom is up for a few battles here and there; or even up for starting an official gaming community for the game itself.

Seeing as how all you need is someone's IP address to join them (as far as I am aware of), for those who are interested in playing this game with me; be sure to send me a private message and I will send you the IP address of the library computer I am on.

I am living in (Carson City, NV) USA, and I shall be online when my hours are 11AM-3PM (or possibly longer, depending on my plans for that day).

Most days, I will be online for at least an hour or more; but I will be offline on SUNDAYS (seeing as how the library is CLOSED).

If anyone is interested in playing this game with me, or even starting a community for this game; then we could possibly get something going on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, or any other well known websites.

So, like I have said above; feel free to contact me in a private message on here, and maybe a few of you can join me in playing this game... as we wait for the next version of it to come out.

Actually, I think that if you play through a router you need to open a port. You won't always be able to connect with someone just by their IP. I had that problem when trying to play ZSNES online. I never did learn how to open a port but I'm sure if you google it you can find out.

I did play the game before, and I like Smash. I might consider trying it, but I'm a little busy with other stuff.
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