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Devil's in the details
Recently while searching information about a possible new Suikoden title, I found a fan project called Suikoden Revival Movement that has been successfully gathering some visibility. (Kotaku, Konami UK)

Suikoden Revival Movement's main goals are showing Konami that people actually want more Suikoden games, and reinforcing the chances for them getting localized on the western front.

You can find the official Facebook page here:

And Suikosource's thread about it here:

Currently they're in progress of trying to get Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki more likely to be localized, as well as getting the Suikoden titles to PSN store. They also just launched a campaign to send Konami any Suikoden related fan material in order to get their attention.

Personally I think this isn't a bad idea at all, and I'm planning to get involved considering Suikoden II still remains as my all time favorite jrpg ever. It may be unlikely that they would ever create another Suikoden quite like it, but I'd even be happy with another Suikoden title as good as Suikoden V, for example.
I'd love to see some Suikoden love. The usual response to stuff like this is 'Japanese people don't care what Westerners think' but things like Operation Rainfall has been proving that mantra devestatingly wrong in the past few years.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have companies like Capcom spitting in the face of their fanbase with surveys asking them 'what franchise would you like to see next???' and then when Mega Man wins by a landslide they pretty much go 'okay yeah but besides that one'.

We'll see!
/me whines pathetically

I thought this was an announcement like the new BoF 6. Still, I would kill for a localisation of the Gaiden games. (They're based around the Suikoden II timeline - one set before the war and one after, interacting with some of the characters in Suikoden II, with the main character being that smarmy spy of Suikoden III fame. You know the one I mean.)
Hell, I'll even take the card game if it's offered! ;.;

God, I hope they go back to the numbered series, but it's not likely since the person who knew how the main series was going to pan out got fired/quit and took all the awesome ideas with him. (Yuber/Persmerga history/explanation. Possible Jeane/Viki as well ;.; )
I honestly never played this series. I guess the first is as good as ever to start? It's kind of hilarious that my only suikoden experience has been Legion Saga.
I think I played 15mins of Exit Fate once.
I honestly never played this series. I guess the first is as good as ever to start? It's kind of hilarious that my only suikoden experience has been Legion Saga.

Considering the first is $10 on PSN (it might be $6)? Definitely. It's a very good title, even if the characters and plot of Suiko2/3 are better. Sadly, finding the PS2 games tends to be an exercise in "wait for the mail" rather than finding them out-and-about, but they're decent as well (Suiko4 being the weakest, but certainly not bad in the pantheon of JRPGs).

Personally, I'd prefer a Suiko6 in the style of Suiko5, but I have the same despair Liberty does about the main writer for the series leaving, so most of the stuff I'm sure most Suiko fans would like to see wouldn't be addressed - like Yuber/Pesmerga or even like... the game taking place in Harmonia.

Operation Rainfall actually had a poll recently of titles that they were going to go to Konami and Sega about (or was it a third-party; I don't remember), and the recent PSP Suiko was on the list for the Konami side (the other was a tri-Ace developed 3DS game). Sadly, I couldn't vote for the Suiko game in good faith because... I don't want another Tierkreis, which is apparently what the battle system is like.

Besides the Sega titles were much more interesting to me - Yakuza 5 and 1/2 HD in particular, along with Shining Hearts. <.<
IF you can get Suikoden II under $100 do so. I bought mine for double that around 2005 and the price for the original PSX version has only risen in that time.
That said, I think the PSN store has it for cheaper? Or maybe the PSP store? I don't know, but I'm sure they had a bundled version of I and II at some point.
Or not. I just checked for links and no go. Strange, I was sure they'd been re-released. >.<;

Anyway, yes. If you can find I, II, III or V I'd highly recommend them. 4 wasn't that bad though it had one major issue which crippled it - move speed - and its off-shoot, Suikoden Tactics was actually a decent SRPG.

One of the main pluses of having all the games (mainly 1, 2 and 3, though the others had some bonuses, just not as much) was the carry-over between them. (One reason I bought the NTSC versions was this. Never-mind I'm in Australia with only PAL version consoles available to me... >.<; )
You can carry over the save file from 1 to 2 and unlock extra content (in this case an extra character - or two - and little bit more story from the first). If you carry a save from 2 to 3 without the 1 > 2 you'll get one small bonus, if you have both saves then you'll get two small ones - plays of those games that your characters can take part in.

Hey -- who knows, now? With the announcement of BOF6, maybe Suikoden will come back from the dead along with many other "lost RPG" franchises? I actually would love to see another "Wild Arms" & "Chrono" game before I get sent to a mental ward.

I would love to see a new suikoden as well. I've played all 5 of them along with suikoden tactics and they are really fun. So many good rpgs have been killed...let's hope there is at least one survivor. I would like to see a new wild arms/chrono game myself, but the odds of that are really slim I fear.
I would like to see a new wild arms/chrono game myself, but the odds of that are really slim I fear.

Hey, if Breath Of Fire 6 is possible than ANYTHING is possible. :P

(Eventually, Square-Enix will be forced to make one due to massive fan-demand / rioting.)
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