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Hi everyone, so right now my project is still in alpha but there is one issue I can't seem to figure out why it's happening.

A random chance of the project to crash with a window's error message pops up, the chance of this occurring is random and has a chance of happening for the initial random encounter in a zone. No script error is shown.

I'm thinking it might be a Preemptive strike/Surprise attack process that might be doing it.

My question is; if it's a script error, would it always show a script error message? Or is it possible that it is a script error but just with no notification?

-I'm not the only one to be getting this issue
-disabled scripts pertaining to battle process and issue still occurs
-changed music file but issue is still open
It's kinda hard telling if it's a script without seeing your project. If you can, try removing all your scripts and see if the error still happens.
Edit: All your custom scripts, ofcourse.
Hi SnowOwl, thank you for the reply.
Yeah I disabled the custom scripts one by one, and the result was that it was Battle Symphony, so I have to find a way to fix it. It's a really random bug as it's the initial encounter of a zone, the percentage as it stands is between 20~24 percent? High enough to make it so that it makes you not want to play through the game, but rare enough to be able to play through it with frustration.

I'm implementing a preemptive strike/surprise attack disable script to see if maybe that's what's messing with it as it's a rare occurrence.

Edit: Disabling those features didn't help, trying to see what in Battle Symphony is making it crash :(
Have you tried to put "Battle Symphony" script bottom of your scripts? Maybe a line in that script collides with an another script? Do you have similiar scripts that effects battle?
Hi sawworm! Thank you for the reply. Yes there are multiple battle scripts and there is a battler script that goes under this one, so unfortunately I can't put it at the very bottom without losing another script which is an add-on.

Yes, I have tried disabling the add-on and trying the game, the error still occurs, but if I disable the script mentioned above, then the error so far hasn't occurred at all. It freezes/crashes as soon as the battle starts to load (after the default black transition screen) and is about to display the character sprites.

Edit: I was able find a solution with another post here. Thanks everyone!
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