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I'm looking for a chipset that will work as the inner part of a tent. For an example, sort of like the tents in the rm2k3 game Fey (in the desert). Its for a small settlement/camp. I have looked around, but tend to only find the outer parts of the tent. Unfortunately I'm not a very good artist, so I usually just edit things. Anyway, If anyone can help me out with an inner tent chipset, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance, and thanks for anyone who took the time to read this topic.
It would help to know what engine and kind of graphical style you're looking for. There's a big difference between Celianna's VXAce tiles and 2k3's Mack tiles, for example, and you'd probably want the best fit for your game.
Also, whether or not you'll take rips. (because Terranigma has some decent inner-tent tiles, as does other commercial games, I imagine)
I apologize, I always forget to state which engine because I have always used rm2k3 so I stupidly never think to actually say that I use rm2k3. So looking for a 2k/2k3 chipset, and rips are fine as well. I just need a base even, to edit and make it fit.
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