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Haven't seen any threads about this one. So figured I'd post and help out.

In Yanfly's skill engine, the notecard functions in the help section read out as the following:

<learn require skill: x>
<learn cost: x jp>
<learn require level: x>
<learn require switch: x>

However, and this annoyed me for HOURS.. The code itself in the editor is read as:

<learn require skill:[x]>
<learn cost:[x]jp>
<learn require level:[x]>
<learn require switch:[x]>

And even then, the code still don't work. So. Yeah. May just be broke'd.

So, if you've ever run into problems with this mod, either change your note format, or remove the bracket thingies from lines 192 to 200. (Preferably just change your tagging. Removing brackets kinda breaks things. XD;
That thing you want but never who I am
so all numbers have to be in square brackets for it to work?
Well, I did some more testing, and I seem to have mistaken non-functionality for proper mechanics. Using the notecard's method, I couldn't get any learnable skill working, but when I used the brackets, they did.

However, since it was late, and I was getting annoyed with it, I didn't dig much deeper into it. With brackets, or no space, the command is NOT READ. So, if the skill is learnable, it'll learn with zero requisite skill. Once I had done testing where I removed skill x from the actors learned skill table while still using brackets, I realized my mistake.

This still leaves me back at square one though. How to get this code working, and where's Yanfly when you actually need him? XD;


Regex is really, really, confusing.
But so is reading other people's code.

According to a few sources his Regex code is correct.. So now I'm just trying to find the bit that controls the scan for the existing skill.
Sunflower Games
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Usually Yanfly's scripts are simple and come with instructions.
But that doesn't mean everything he makes is gold.
His Core Script, for example, is filled with problems and
things I don't like. On the other hand, his battle scripts
are really good.
His Core Script, for example, is filled with problems

What bugs? Please share, I'm using that script as well and I'd like to know what doesn't work.
Sunflower Games
The most beautiful user on RMN!

Try launching your game in full screen.

I also don't like the gauges (size and color scheme), the new window
size makes maps and battle backs look strange.

The only thing I liked about the Core Script was that it fixed
the problem where skills and costs jumbled together in the battle
menu. Unfortunately I decided not to use his script due to the other
things in it (I'm still wishing for a script that can fix the battle
menu problem a different way though.)

Edit: Just figured a way to fix the problem with text jamming.
Need to change some numbers in Window_ItemList
and Window_SkillList. If you change some numbers from 2 to 1 it will
list each skill and item on its own line.
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