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I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Nope, they're all haughty jerks. If you disable the ability to fix issues, it implies you think there aren't any issues. If you disable to prevent stealing, it implies you think the game is worth stealing. If you disable to be professional, you're kidding yourself since any game not made using a team of programmers and developers will have glitches, and not being able to easily repair them is actually the most amateur thing you could do.
I can see where this logic is coming from and I can kinda sorta agree with the first point, but at the same time, I think you're doing RPG Maker a great disservice by suggesting that none of the games are professional. Many of them are. RPG Maker is not inherently amateur. It is absolutely capable of allowing independent game developers to create amazing professional-quality games and sell those games publically. Indie and amateur aren't the same thing. Amateur (made for giggles) is the opposite of professional (made for profit), and indie (made alone) is the opposite of published (made with corporate support).

Also, although I always hold my own games in sort of low regard, because I always want to keep striving to be better, I don't think it's universally bad for anyone to think that they've made something that's at all worthwhile. That's pretty over the top. I mean, I think I'm a little like you, in that I also have a bad habit of getting really excited in any argument, and sort of exaggerating my opinions to their extremes so they sound really over the top, but when I realized I was doing that in this thread, I backed off.

Cool the fuck down bro. I gave up on this thread because I realized I was sort of going off the deep end. I decided it was more productive to just include a "Feel free to reproduce, edit or redistribute this work or its parts in any form, as long as it is free of charge" in all my shit and hopefully make a few other people feel bad about not doing the same.
By that same token then, using the default encryption method shouldn't be allowed as it could create the same legal issues, considering:

1. It only encrypts up to a certain size before it doesn't work (at least I believe that's how it is for older makers, I haven't tested this with Ace).

2. It doesn't encrypt audio files. So any music you buy from the store becomes readily available for theft when you use the default encryption method.

3. There are tools all over the internet to break the default encryption method.

I'm not arguing about whether or not you should encrypt material you purchased from the store. More than likely, if I were using material I bought from RMW in my own game, I'd also encrypt the game, not because of fear of theft, but because I wouldn't want to be accused of making it easy for people to gain resources they would have to buy otherwise.

However, I won't go out of my way looking for a better encryption than what is already provided, and we all know the default encryption is so flawed that you may as well not encrypt at all.

1. VXAce can encrypt up to 3 Gigabytes. I highly doubt there'd be an issue with that.

2. Indeed there is an issue with audio files. But I can understand why too since if Audio is encrypted there would be issues with loading it in-game (lag). Which kinda sucks since most of the things I buy are...sound effects.

3. Yeah but it doesn't mean they're legal.

Mostly it's still better to encrypt it and say, well I tried but you and I both know it'd be decrypted. However, I am not breaking the terms of the product's EULA since I didn't distribute the work as "free to use" or as is and tried to keep it away from people's hands.
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