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This system is amazing, use a png font for draw the messages, the problem is that
only work in 2000, it's impossible make something like that in 2k3?

It's certainly not impossible! All it takes is someone to make a DynRPG plugin.
I'm pretty sure he already knows about this plugin (he commented in the original thread). He's probably more interested in the custom font as a png bit, which you don't find in the text plugin.

I've been meaning to add a way to change the font in the plugin (among way too many other things), but not in png format. Having to handle the mapping between symbols manually is not appealing too much to me at the moment.

It's definately possible to do it with dynrpg as a seperate thing, but I think you'd have trouble to use the same font for the default stuff, like default message command, the text in the default menu and so on.
yes, I like the fonts based in tiles like

and more using fonts of fonts of games

This would be very interesting to see as DYNRPG plugin. I found a very simliar RMVXAce script called SFonts. The nifty thing about it was the picture file format. It left the spacing between each character up to the user to decide and by doing so, I'm assuming, was made easier on the programmer. I'm not sure if something similar would be possible in C/C++ as it does appear to be a ruby specific thing.

...and by 'possible' I mean, I'm not sure if my assumption this would be an easier format is correct.
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