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Hi I'm making a game at the moment where the hero starts of as male and trying to toss of how I can make the hero get caught and get cursed to be a girl and in fight get sent back through time. I done some work on game thinking of calling game Crystal time there are other member in the party but that doesn't happen into hero becomes heroine I have to different class ones and Enchantress is only restricted to female the other one is elemental paladin The elemental paladin has a powerful sword that can cast magic and normal attack and the Enchantress has a power Wand I would like help with story and any more suggestion I'm hope to make it a decent game that playable for a while I'm also think of adding a sequel but will see how first game go
The first thing I would recommend is making a timeline of events. Just open a document and write on each second line, in order, what happens in the game. Break it into parts so that you can see where you need more information and where you have enough.

Thanks for the Help In the events still having a few problems I would like to know is there a scripts that make a person travel back in time I trying to arrange it so in the event the guy get caught dressed as a girl then sent to a time where his ancestors live I wondering if I should make a guy be prince or when he sent back to time that he ends up being the princess I roughly got some of the game design sorted the only problem I'm having is trying to get the guy to wear female clothes any help will be much appreciated thanks you
First, you need to learn about punctuation. :|
That would be a good start.
I don't really see what exactly you need a script for when "time traveling".

You can just build a past or present map with a kid character on it, and a futuristic map (futuristic tileset made by someone else would seem best; donwload and import). Then you place some kind of "portal" on the first map, and add an event that "only" does two things: ->transfer<- you to the other map (maybe add some fancy animation, fading, or whatever effects), and ->change character graphic<- to adult.
Ofc any of that works for male<->female and young<->old in each direction.

For now I'll assume you went with rpg maker xp (which you probably didn't, but that's all I have infront of me): open your project, and an inside map.
build the walls like this


and select the grey block next to the layers. drop it where the fourth wall would close the rectangle and place a doubledoor. rightclick the event: trigger: player touch or action button: set move route (this event) "change graphic" (click the open door); set move route (player) "move forward, move forward"; set move route (this event) "change graphic" (click the closed door); set move route (player) "change graphic (click a girl that looks somewhat similiar in terms of haircolor and such).
If necessary, you should definitely find all the stuff you need when opening an event. it can move your player around without input, transfer him to other maps or parts or the map, change his graphic, name... and dozens more

I mean I always consider finally asking for neat custom scripts, but in easy cases like this!? noway, completely unnecessary oO

Things should go like this for complete nubs to everything, from ruby, over rpg maker to image editing, pixelart etc.
1.get some easy mapping practice, and actually workin gameplay mechanics/combat driven by a shallow storyline
2.get used to making database entries and handling the materialbase, this will be encountered during gameplay mechanics anyway
3.make some events that take care of your easy needs. treasure chests that give you an item, and best only do so once and remain opened. People that tell you one thing now, and another some other time. simple stuff like that might already make u a bit more familiar with
4. switches, self-switches, variables, conditional branches. All of that doesn't require programming skills or scripting. It's simple logic, the software offers a user friendly interface so you don't have to speak ruby with your pc :P
5. with all those and common events plus things i forgot to mention, you can do a lot of event coding.
6. advanced/superior mapping, own ressources, shades and fogs, animations and charsets blabla
7. When you notice you aren't really getting any further and unsatisfied with your progress because some sort of base has been established, look into scripting

It varies depending on the user, but in your case I don't see any benefit riddling over complex stuff at this point. sorry ;)

First and foremost: Which software version do you use (2k, 2k3, xp, vx, vx ace)?
I am using rtp maker vx ace I also using windows 8 that helps a lot thanks. I'm only a beginner at this but I do find playing around in vx ace. It does get easy along the way I just wished they had more tile sets, not enough for me to do what I want still can't find a way to get guy to wear female clothes to sneak into female area.
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I have to agree with Mr_Detective that you have to work on punctuation to make things more readable/understandable! As for getting a male to wear female clothing, I dunno. I guess it might be possible to set the initial sprite from the female base of the VX Ace character maker, and make edits from there, but it would highly depend on your own comfort level.
You don't need a script. Just have the hero fight someone then end the battle and transform into a woman and throw him back in time. Its pretty easy. Have the enemy use a skill on the 10th turn of the fight or something. Have that skill trigger an event that will end the fight.

You can completely switch out 1 character for another in the game. Like Boy_Matt Girl_Matt.

Oh and if you need him to have female clothes.... just equip them with an auto start event or switch out the character as I've said before.
Have the battle simply have under the commands, If lose do something different but make that something change actor graphic then teleport to whatever map you wanna teleport to

3rd tab under Sytem Settings - I think thats what you want
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