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I'm still playing Fallout 4 a lot, obviously, but I just found out about this game:


Want. I should've really known about this sooner. I'm bad at keeping up to date with things -_-
Final Fantasy 3,4,7,8,12
Grandia 2,3
all of them, probably?


pretty much every super nintendo jrpg in english

with the steam sale, i got a bunch of games too, plus i share a steam account with my best friend so he has a bunch of games i can play too

i really wanna play analogue: a hate story because i fucking loved digital: a love story. it's legit one of my favorite games

i'm also gonna try and play bastion, hotline miami, jet set radio, psychonauts, skullgirls, battlefront II, jedi academy, replay kotor and get around to actually playing undertale even if i've watched like five playthroughs of it

none of these are likely to happen besides analogue because i'm just gonna keep playing xcom and sleeping and then eventually i'll be busy again
rADiO the UniVERse
Guardian of the Description Thread
I finished Wild Arms 2 earlier today, so I figured I'd need a new PS1 game to play. Suikoden 2 caught my eye, and I've been using a walkthrough to compile a list of what stars are available and when for the past... while.

I'm probably Suikoscrewed already, but, it's not "official" until I see that opening movie.
The real list is too long, but in the short term it's Legend of Dragoon, Paptapon 2, Emerald Dragon, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, and The Shion route of Akiba's Trip.
I just found out that Wild ARMs 3 was recently rereleased on the PS4. Feeling a crushing urge to replay it. I pretty much came here just to say that, because I freaking love that game.

May actual "to play" list would spill over onto the next page, but Valkyria Chronicles, The Talos Principle, Stardew Valley, Massive Chalice, Invisible Inc. and FFX / X-2 HD are definitely on it.

Shame I spend all my time hearthstoning or coding.
Will probably pick up Tokyo Mirage, I refuse to call it by its full name, sounds like a title for an appointment.

Another is Nier 2 and The Last Guardian, need a PS4 for that shit. Not sure if I want another console ugh, I'm tired of having all these boxes under my tv.
Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XII Remaster
Final Fantasy VII Remake
World of Final Fantasy
I think that's all, but I may end up playing Persona 5
I wanted to play Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls - but turns out it's only for iOS! Now how am I going to get my phone Wizardry Fix! Bastards!
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