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Just curious as to how my eyesight stacks up against some other people in this community. I have a high to moderate degree of myopia, with my left eye being -5 or so and my right eye right around -7 with astigmatism. It could be much worse but I still feel blind as a bat! How about you guys? Are you nearsighted, farsighted, have the eyes of an eagle? Tell us all about it.
I have astigmatism or so they say. Um, it doesn't really have any negatives though. I can hold my eyes open for as long as I want, it makes zoning out a lot like a blurry dream, and I still don't need glasses for it because it's really minor.

The only case I can think of it not benefitting me is that when I was a lot younger and realized that I could make my vision go all blurry, I tried it, couldn't figure out how to refocus causing me to fall on the floor and to become so disoriented I wasn't able to stand up for like 5 minutes when I figured out how to refocus. It was kind of embarrassing since it happened in the middle of school and everyone was concerned for me since it looked like I had passed out but my eyes were open.

There's the story of the day for all you people!
My eyesight's been abysmally bad since like...geez I can't even remember. Although, I didn't get classes until near the end of my 11th year of school..before that, I just dealt with stuff without seeing it clearly.

Funny thing is though, is that even after I got "thick" as hell glasses, they barely helped at all; I went from only being able to see a few centimeters in front of me to a few feet..and it's still not really all too non-blurry to me. xD (I "cannot" handle anything going directly near my eyes; eye drops, contacts..stuff like that, so yeah it's either glasses or nothing for me~)
As for mine, I'd say it is somewhere in the below average range. I had a lazy eye when I was real young (so you can guess when I started wearing glasses). While my eyes are fine now, the eyesight still isn't great. I'd say my vision is like a tad bit of a blur without my glasses. I can distinquish objects fine, but I completely lose the inability to read anything that isn't in giant letters.
I have my first eye appointment since 2008 on Friday! We'll find out more then. But for the most part I am nearsighted. I have excellent near vision, but things from a distance get a little blurry. I have very good peripheral vision (and great reaction speed, imho). I own glasses but I only wear them occasionally (like when I am driving at night when I need to be able to read streetsigns, or going to the movies).

I think my vision was around 30/20 last time it was checked, but it has gotten worse, so we'll see...
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I am nearsighted, and things start to get blurry at a distance.

Unfortunately that distance is about 18 inches from my face. Which is close enough that I need distance glasses to read a book.

I wear glasses, not contacts, because glasses are sexy and also I am really bad at using contacts. A lot of people seem to be bad at using contacts because they're afraid to touch their eyeballs. I had the opposite problem; I kept pushing too hard on my eyes and hurting myself (mostly while removing the contacts, not while inserting them).
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I have astigmatism combined by myopia. The former I inherited from my Dad who only whore glasses to drive at that. In my case, astigmatism is more significant in my left eye. Instead of having an eye shaped like an orange, according to an optometrist who did an eye exam, mine is shaped closer to a football or rugby ball. My right one is not as deformed.

My myopia is not too bad and hasn't progressed too quickly, since I am able to get by with the same glasses, which I need to wear all the time, for a few years before needing to change them (poverty and accidents with my glasses that are emergencies are the causes). One of those accidents just happened to me just NOW. I apparently fell asleep on top of my glasses and the right side of it is a bit bent out of shape.

Needless to say, even if I were able to wear contacts, the one for the left eye would have to be custom made and thus, be very expensive. I'm really squeamish about touching my eye. The only times I get near it are when it's itchy or I have allergies, and when I needed to apply eyedrops.

I'll try to go get an eye exam later today so I can get a prescription and order at least a pair (if not two) through the internet, which would be my first time I don't do it directly through an optometrist after 28 years of doing it that way. Wish me luck!
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I have astigmatism combined by myopia. The former I inherited from my Dad who only whore glasses to drive at that.

erm what

I used to have glasses, but I never really wore them, mainly because I couldn't see anything up close with them. Other than that, my left eye's sight is slightly worse than my right eye's though.
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Oops major typo! Sorry for that! Apologies to all whores if you felt alluded to. Also my grammar got discombobulated as well ... Insomnia does that to me. I actually meant to write:

I have astigmatism combined with myopia. The former I inherited from my Dad who only whore glasses to drive at that night.

I've worn prescription glasses since I was thirteen, which is a little bit more than half of my life now. I'm pretty nearsighted without my glasses, with my vision becoming blurry about 50 cm from my face.

I'm also colourblind! It doesn't hinder me much, it just means that I've never been able to become an electrician or anything of the sort. It's nothing drastic and I can see colours just fine, I simply mistake a few shades for others. Some shades of green and orange are hard for me to distinguish as well as certain reds which look brown, and some blues and purples confuse me.
I have more than 100% on my driver's licence eye test and scored flawlessly in this test:

Nevertheless, my eyes hurt from working more than 2 hours on drawing or pixeling - this is why I could never make a job as a graphic artist.
Pretty bad. 500, 600 degrees myopic each eye and just had a slight astigmatism last year. Been wearing glasses but I'd like to change to contact lens in the near future.
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I got LASIK surgery done 4 years ago. I'd worn glasses for about 14 years. They gave me a bucketload of eye drop medications I had to take for over a month, but I was back at work the next day. Highly recommended if you're myopic.
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i have severe astigmatism, and due to a medical condition (i had an infection INSIDE OF MY EYE SOCKET) last year, my left eye is now permanently weaker than my right by a lot more. with glasses on, i can read with my left eye closed/right eye open, but not the opposite. thankfully my two-eyed sight is unaffected aside from occasional headaches!
I have a slight astigmatism, which means I should wear reading/computer glasses more often than I actually do.
I don't know about any eye diseases I might have. Opticians just tell me "here are some glasses".
I suppose at the rate my vision is deteriorating, I'll be wearing coke bottles when I'm 70 though.
20/25 with slight astigmatism. I don't ABSOLUTELY need my glasses to see, but stuff usually isn't completely in-focus.
I could barely see anything or anyone's faces a few feet away from me. XD I only wear glasses when I have to copy something down in class. I do wear cosmetic lenses once in a while just for fun. :)
I'm lucky enough to be the only one from a family of six who doesn't need glasses... yet, though my mother and sister have to wear a pair only to read.
My right eye is a little weaker and things get blurry at 15 inches and beyond, but I can see fine and actually have very good sight using my left eye or both.

My sense of smell is really bad though. Weird.
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My sense of smell is really bad though. Weird.

In my case my sense of smell is blood-hound like, a trait I share with both my sisters. That came from my motherĀ“s side. My dad had and brother has a bad one.
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