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More specifically, I'm working on a fantasy adventure game (swords, sorcery, vivid colors, forests, castles, etc.) with romance and sex scenes. To be clear this is not a hentai game and if they player wished they could progress through the story as solely an adventure fantasy game, nothing is shoved in your face... well, aside from the adventure story. Everything about it is tasteful and the 'adult' aspects of the game are for the most part hidden or entirely optional, designed to show themselves only if the player has that type of mind to look for them.

So, I'm wondering, if the face value first impression of my game is purely a fantasy/adventure rpg. Would I be able to host/publicize that game using the features provided on this site?
submission rules, yo

at a glance, I don't see anything specifically barring games with pornographic content -- the only stipulation being that none of the screenshots you submit to your game page can be themselves pornographic. you might want to take a longer look, though, just to be sure.

I don't think it tends to come up much. mostly because the last thing we need is yet another half-baked 'magnum opus' that tries to laser-focus its appeal with such badly-drawn pornography that it borders on the grotesque. personally, I'd think for a bit on what a sex scene would add to your game beyond your own titillation. I've often said that it's a very bad idea to masturbate under the table while you design, because it quickly becomes apparent in the end product when you're only making decisions based on what might give you a boner.

if the staff don't have any problem with pornographic content, my advice for your topic would be not to hide the fact that it's there. it can be awkward if someone stumbles into porn that they didn't mean to see, so you should put that fact where the player can see it. sort of a caveat emptor thing, you know? let people make an informed decision and you save both them and yourself some embarrassment.
Thanks for linking the submission rules. Found information there that'll be pretty useful in the future.

I totally agree that the last thing this site needs is cheap, meaningless, bland pornography. There's definitely a right way and a wrong way to add that 'adult' level to a game. I'd like to think surrounding such scenes I may add with characters that are rich in personality, tight gameplay, and a colorful story will make it as close to being widely acceptable as possible. Like watching a movie with your family with sex scenes in it: it's awkward, but the movie is so damned good you overlook that. The way I plan, these scenes won't just come up by talking to a whore in a town, but with whatever character the player becomes interested in. From the outside in it'll be no less risque than the Final Fantasy series has been, with their shiva summons, or scantily clad villains. Or jeez, Parasite eve with Eve. Think of Luna in Lunar: throughout the game they near depicted her as alex's girlfriend. Was tasteful, didn't take away from the story, and it kinda warmed your heart at times. With characters like that in my game, they'll be less cheesy than lunar (though i love that game to death) and you'll be able to take the next natural step.

Yeah it definitely makes sense to add whatever features it'll have in the description. Seems like omitting that would be acting in bad taste.
then yeah, you should be good. sex for sex's sake is often tacky, but if you handle it with taste you probably won't have any issues.
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
My husband asked a similar question of the admins a few days ago and was told that pornographic content isn't allowed. Presumably as long as things aren't shown explicitly, it's acceptable. You may need to edit out anything on that level to get the game hosted here.

Obv. an admin would need to really say yea or nay to this.
and if that's true, I'd like to put in a suggestion that such content guidelines be added to the submission rules page. it's a little too important to be left as an unwritten rule, you know?
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Def. I'm kind of surprised there wasn't already a written rule on it.
Thanks for pointing out it wasn't there. I'll check to make sure it's added. ^.^

But yes, for the most part we don't mind mature content, but pornographic material is a definite no-no and we can't condone it. As long as it's tasteful and non-explicit, it should be fine.
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Necroing this thread for a kinda nitpicky clarification: Is nudity OK, or is that considered too close to porn?

Also, the submission rules don't seem to have been updated.
Does it really have to be TASTEFUL? I think mature content can be non-pornographic but also in bad taste. From what I've seen of games on this site bawdy humor is pretty much unrestrained.
The issue here, to me, is a mixture of lack of tastefulness, no necessity and excessive quantities. Intentionally exaggerated wan-ton vulgarity for humorous purposes can be hysterical and poignant if used in a certain way, but just having it there just for the game to be all 'M-RATED YO, DON'T PLAY IT UNLESS YOU CAN HANDLE IT' without any real substance to back it up is... yeah.
Glad someone necroed this.
I have a backlog of game design documents and one of those is for a game in which you convert/corrupt heroes to add them to your party after defeating them.
You do this by using items, which you have to acquire.
Each hero having certain weaknesses, which drastically reduces the amount of items needed to unlock them.
(It would include some soft SM, like Nana&Kaoru, though obviously not consential, so technically its rape.)

I would be interested if I could add this game to the site, if I would only make it available in a censored version (so you would use "rubber duck" instead of "riding whip", use a "bad joke", or "broccoli" and similar things.) and only reveal the real item names and possibly a minigame when a "patch" is added, a cheatcode put in and an age verfication done.

Again, I am not working on a game like that right now, and will not start until my current one is done, which will take years.

Even then I'd ask a moderator first, but I would kinda like to test the waters first.
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We'll get the submissions page updated to more accurately reflect changes in policy at some point in the coming week.
Personally I can totally understand why the site would want to keep pornography off the site, considering that RPG maker seems to be used for straight-up "hentai" games sometimes.

I think that if the work is wholly "designed to appeal to the prurient interest" of the audience then its intention is probably pornographic in nature. Anything less than that however, seems to my mind to be muddying the waters a bit. Are games are going to have to pass a higher quality bar just because they include "mature content?"

Of course the moderators of this site are free to deny submissions for whatever reason they choose, but saying that M-rated games are subject to the mods' opinion of what is funny or tasteful or meaningful when meanwhile with (P)G-rated games the community at large gets to decide whether they're well-written or artistically meaningful or not, seems a little unfair.

I await the clarification.

PS is violence allowed in our games?
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
99% of games here have violence, what with them being games where the primary gameplay mechanic is combat.

The rule of thumb a mod gave me in the past was that if they wouldn't allow it on network television, you probably shouldn't include it in your game. But I think they were erring on the safe side to keep people from trying to push the limits. The actual cutoff, from what I've seen accepted/denied, is somewhere between PG-13 and R. Since you can have a straight up sex scene with video footage of actual titties in a rated R movie, and you can't have that here. But you can't have someone's head blown off as they scream "FUUUUUUUCK" in a rated PG-13 movie, and you can have that here, though unless you're making a game about the horrors of war I would seriously question whether such a scene is wise.

I'd say that the mods are pretty fair about allowing games where moderately objectionable material is meant to be funny, tasteful or meaningful, even if they don't personally find it such. I released a game with brief comical nudity when you sleep at an inn (a 16-bit RPG Maker sprite with a one pixel long wiener) and I haven't even received a complaint yet despite the fact that it's completely stupid and not very funny.
If you're worried about your game being denied due to violence might I propose an alternative? (don't you use your flowery language with me Xun Yu

e: ruined my own joke :(
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
My personal interest is a semi-hypothetical one: I realised recently that a story I'd been reserving for eventual comicking would work better as a game, and said story involves fairly regular nonsexual nudity. It wouldn't really be visible in anything beyond eensy sprite form, but I tend to want to know beforehand.

And, y'know, it's always nice to get an idea of limits before I get too attached to a particular story or idea.
This topic inspired me to check, apparently Marvel Brothel was removed a while back, eh? Never actually played it, but I figured if that game was accepted that reasonable sex/nudity would be fine...
Basically, if it fits into the world of your creation, isn't there for just the sake of being there, adds something to the story and is handled in a decent manner we will allow it.

If there are tits and sex and descriminatory shit just for the 'lols' or for the sake of showing tits, sex and the like, then no. Gratuitous no. Respectful maybe. At the end of the day it falls to the staff in charge.

@slash: As for Marvel Brothel - it was about living out the fantasy of having sex with whatever of the strong, capable women you wanted. It was horribly misogynistic with no good reason, the 'story' was a pathetic excuse to force the women to be paid whores and it was just terrible.

@Sooz: If you're using the default templates for characters (since they're not extremely detailed), it's not just women but also men getting naked and there's real reason for the nudity then there probably won't be an issue.
One word: Dungeoneer >_>

(It has nudity... and worse, albeit in tiny sprite form, and it's hosted on rmn)
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