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Hey - is there a way i can make my Rpg Maker XP Sprites put into VX Ace so they work perfectly, so bigger spritesheets cause i have a bunch which i want in RPG Maker VX Ace but i dont have XP so i cant use it would rather make it in Ace which i have?

Please and Thankyou
There's two things you need to do (barring changing the script how character graphics are drawn):

1) XP sprites are single character per graphic while Ace is normally eight characters. If you put a $ first in the graphic's filename Ace will read that file instead as a single character per graphic. If you look in the Ace RTP you can compare the difference between !$Gate (single character graphic) and Actor1 (eight characters graphic).

2) The animation frames are also different. XP animation frames for a given direction are idle/one foot forward/idle/other foot forward while Ace is one foot forward/idle/other foot forward. The quickest way to get an XP characterset to match the animation frames to an Ace one would be to remove the left-most animation frame, or the 32x192 pixels from the left side.

As a sample I whipped up this quick demo project you can download here: Download link. I threw four XP characters in it converted to Ace on a quick and dirty map and told them to move.

Tilesets are a different matter altogether. I don't know of any good way to convert one to the other due to the autotiles Ace uses among other limitations.
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