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Summoner etymology
Ciran cirer -to wax (French)
Orenia Lat. oriri, ortus -to rise up or urere, ustus -to burn + an -of, related to
Emperor Murod Lat. murus -wall
Lenele Lat. lenis -soft + ella -small, little
Medeva Lat. me -my + deus -god or deva -god (Sanskrit)
Vadagar Lat. vadere, vasus -to walk + ager -field
Sir Carados caradura -cheek (Spanish)
King Belias Lat. bellum -war
Summoner Lat. sub -under + monere -to warn, to call
Urath Heb. or -light + oth -plural suffix or Lat. urere, ustus -to burn or Gr. ouranos -sky
Emperor Gaodi 高 gao -high + 帝 di -emperor (Chinese)
Oni Jp. 鬼 (おに) oni -ghost, demon

Elder Scrolls online etymology
Khenarthi khan -lord, prince (Mongolian) + अर्थ artha -wealth (Sanskrit)
Auridon Lat. aurum -gold + Gr. eidos -shape (in words id)
Buraniim isle to burn + Lat. anima -soul
Tanzelwill Ger. tanz -to dance + Heb. el -god + will
Grahtwood Ger. grat -edge + wood
Cormount Lat. cor, cordis -heart + mons, montis -mountain
Gil-Var-Delle Sp. gil -naive, innocent + ver, vera -to be (Old Norse) + delete
Laeloria लाल (lāl) -red (Hindi) + or -gold (French)
Ossuary of Telacar Heb. תֵּל tel -hill + Lat. acus -needle
Mobar mine Lat. mors, mortis -death + Gr. βαρύς barys -heavy
Ne salas Lat. ne -not + solus -alone, uninhabited
Tarlain heights It. tarlo -woodworm, torment
Marbruk Lat. mors, mortis -death + brook
Verrant morass Lat. verro, verrere -to scrape, to sweep, to hide
Hectahame Gr. 'εκατόν hecaton -hundred + Lat. hamus -hook or hame -home (Scots)
Carac Dena car -emperor (Slavic) + Lat. ac -of, related to + deni, dena -ten each
Gurzag's mine Heb. גּוּר gur -a cub, pup, kitten + Lat. agere, actus -to do, to make
Naril nagaia Ar. nār -fire + Lat. il -of, related to + ne -not + Gr. gaia -earth
Rulanyil's fall to rule + any
Pelda tarn pelt
Arananga Lat. arare -to plough + anger
Lanalda pond Lat. lana -wool + Ger. alt -old
Malabal Tor Lat. malus, mala -bad, evil + bal -lord (Phoenician) + Ger. tür -door
Silvenar Lat. silva -forest + en -of, related to + arium -place suffix
Dra'bul dra -to pull, to drag (Norwegian) + bull
Vulkwasten wolk -cloud (Dutch) + to waste
Abamath Heb. אָב ab -father, ancestor + Gr. mathein -to learn
Belarata Lat. bellum -war + Jp. 新た arata -new
Ilayas ruins ili -god (Semitic), Heb. el -god + yaş -age (Turkish)
Jathsogur jatten -to nick, to steal (Dutch) + sögur, saga -story (Icelandic)
Ouze ouze -mud (UK dialectal)
Xylo river basin Gr. ξύλον xylon -wood
Ragnthar It. ragno -spider + tar
Alik'r desert Lat. alius -other + ic -of, related to
Aldunz Ger. alt -old + uns -us, we
Alezer Kotu ale + Ger zer- destruction suffix + It. cotto -cooked
Na-Totambu's landing na -not + Lat. totus -all + ambulare -to walk
Rkulftzel reek + alf, alfr -elf (Old Norse) + zeal
Satakalaam शत (śatá) -hundred + काल (kāla) -time or black (Sanskrit)
Bangkorai to bang + Lat. cor, cordis -heart
Kerbol's hollow kerb -edge between pavement + Lat. ol -little, small
Damar farmstead dammer or طمر (damar) -vein, blood vessel (Ottoman Turkish)
Viridian woods Lat. viridis -green
Halcyon lake hal -sound, healthy, whole (Old English) + Gr.κύων kyon -dog
Nilata ruins nil -nothing + at
Onsi's breath Jp. 鬼 (おに) oni -ghost
Qharroa ruins Lat. quis -what + Gr. rhea -to flow
Pelin Lat. pello, pellere -to push, to drive, to strike + in -of, related to
Razak's wheel to raze + Lat. ac -of, related to
Torog's spite toro -bull (Spanish) + Lat. agere, actus -to do, to make
Telesubi Gr. τηλε tele -far off + Lat. subire -to go under, to enter, to approach (sub -under + ire -to go)
Ash'abah's oasis ash + Heb. abba -father
Gjarma's rock Heb. garmi -bony
Silaseli ruins Fr. silas, siler -to whistle + Heb. el -god
Strastnoc's landing strast -passion (Slavic) + Lat. nox, noctis -night
Yanurah yan -one + Lat. urere, ustus -to burn
Eyearata eye + Jp. 新た arata -new
Carzog's demise car -emperor (Slavic) + Ger. herzog -duke
Moriseli Lat. mors, mortis -death + Heb. el -god
Glenumbra glen -mountain valley + Lat. umbra -shadow
Aldcroft Ger. alt -old + croft
Silumm silence + Ar. umm -mother
Mesanthano Gr. meso -middle + anthos -flower
Par Molag molag -fire from immolate + Lat. agere, actus -to do, to make
Lorkrata hills lore + Gr. kratein -to rule
Erokii Lat. erus -master + ki -earth (Sumerian)
Alcaire castle alcohol + air
Farangel Ger. fahren -to travel, drive + angel
Koeglin Ger. könig -king + ling or lin -pool
Nurin farm Ar. nur -light + Lat. in -of, related to
Stros M'Kai Gr. aster, astros -star + Ger. kai -wharf
Bthzark Heb. beth -house + Lat. arcere -to protect
Loriasel lore + Heb. el -god
Ten-maur-Wolk Jp. 天 ten -sky + wolk -cloud (Dutch)
Zuuk Gr. ζωή zoe -life + Lat. ac -of, related to
Arx Corinium Lat. arx -fortress + cor, cordis -heart
Atanaz ruins Sp. atañer -to concern
Gandranen ruins gandr -staff (Old Norse)
Onkobra Jp. 鬼 (おに) oni -ghost + cobra
Hei-Halai 黑 hei -black (Chinese) + Fr. haler -to haul, tow
Bal Foyen bal -lord (Phoenician) or bal -stone + foy -faith (Middle French)
Dhalmora dale + Jp. mori -forest
Fort Zeren Ger. zer- destruction suffix + en -of, related to
Malak's Maw Ar. malik -king
Shad Astula shade + Lat. as, assis -copper coin + fero, tuli -to bear, to carry
Tal'Deic fortress Ger. tal -dale, valley + Lat. deus -god + ic -of, related to
Bthanual Heb. beth -house + Lat. annum -year + al -of, related to
Mzithumz Jp. 水 mizu -water + Ger. turm -tower
Druitularg's ritual Gr. drus -oak or druid + large
Mabrigash mabe -gape (Danish) + gash
Avayan's farm Lat. avis -bird + eye
Berezan's mine It. bere -to drink + Jp. 斬 zan -to cut
Fort Arand Lat. ara -altar + andus, anda -ing suffix
Fort Virak Lat. vir -husband, hero + ac -of, related to
Iliath temple ili -god (Semitic), Heb. el -god + oth -plural suffix
Lukiul Uxith Lat. lux, lucis -light + ul -little, small + ox + Heb. oth -plural suffix
Mephala Gr. Mephisto + Lat. al -of, related to
Halmaera's house Gr. hals -salt + Lat. mare -sea
Ammabani's pride Lat. amo, amare -to love + bane
Wittestadr witten -to whiten, to bleach (Dutch) + Ger. stadt -city, town
Mal Sorra's tomb Lat. malus, mala -bad, evil + to be sorry
Harlun's watch har -sound of laughter or hare + Lat. luna -moon
Anga anger
Belda Lat. bellum -war + da, do, dare -to give
Alit Lat. alo, alere, alitum -to feed, to nourish
Kagouti Jp. 影 kage -shadow + out
House Dres dress or Lat. tres -three
House Hlaalu लाल (lāl) -red (Hindi)
Khajit Lat. caio, caiare, caiatus -to beat, to thrash (kajare)
Kwama to quarry -to mine stone + Lat. amo, amare -to love
Xivilai Gr. ξένος (xenos) -foreign, strange + vile
Pelani Lat. pello, pellere -to push, to drive, to strike + an -of, related to (invaders)

Some words are from in game languages for example Ayleid languages:
Laeloria la -time + lor -dark, loria -darkens, laloria -dark time
Silaseli sila -shines + seli -halls, sel -hall
Moriseli mor -dark (bad) + seli -halls, sel -hall
Loriasel lor -dark + sel -hall

Tolkien languages that are same as in Ayleid:
sil -shine (Quenya)
anga -silver (Quenya), appears in Oblivion Anga
aran -king (Quenya)
atar -father (Quenya)
urin, aurin -heat from ur -warmth, to be hot (Quenya)
kemen -earth (Quenya), Kemen
linda -fair, beautiful (Quenya), Lindai
ondo -stone, rock (Quenya), Varondo
arat -high, noble, royal (Quenya)
nen -water (Quenya)
ar-, ara- -nobility, royalty (Quenya, Sindarin)
bal -powerful, mighty (Quenya), bala
alata -radiance, glittering reflection (Telerin)
anda -long (Quenya)

So based on this words:
Nenalata Q. nen -water + Te. alata -radiance
Moranda Si. mor -dark (bad) + Q. anda -long

Some Tolkien etymology:
Mithril mith -grey + ril -brilliance (Sindarin)
Balrog bal -power + raug, rog -demon (Sindarin)
Moria mor -black, dark + ia -void, abyss (Sindarin)
In this example Sindarin mor -dark is same as Ayleid mor -dark

Q. Quenya, S. Sindarin, T. Telerin
Umbacano Q. umba -badness + Q. cano -commander
Tamriel Q. rielle -a maiden crowned with a festival garland
Aedra Q. ae -day + S. daer -large
Daedra S. dae -shadow + delos -fear, horror or S. daer -large
Thalmor S. thala -steady, firm + Q. mor -black, dark
Thauron Q. taure -great wood, S. tauron -forester
Talos thalos -torrent
Anu S. anu -male
Alftand alfr -elf (Old Norse) + S. thand -true
Arpenia Q. ar- -nobility, royal + S. penia -to fix, to set
Belarata S. bell -strong + Q. arata -high, noble
Sercen Q. serce -blood + S. -en -my
Silorn Q. sil -shine + S. orn -large tree
Trumbe T. trumbe -shield
Vahtacen Q. vahta -to soil, to stain
Vanua Q. vana -beautiful
Veyond Q. ve -as, like + Q. yonde -mountain, river
Vilverin T. vilverin -butterfly (wil -to fly), Q. wilwarin -butterfly
Wendir Q. wendi -maid, girl
Wenyandawik Q. wenya -green, fresh + Q. anda -long
Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand
Legend of Shenja etymology
Shenja Jp. 神 (シン) shin -god, divine + 蛇 (ジャ) ja -snake
Ouroboros Gr. oura -tail + boros -devouring
Vindus vindicate or wind
Trentak Lat. trentale, triginta -thirty or Trent + ac -of, related to
Ramus Lat. ramus -branch
Centia Lat. centum -hundred
Mobieus Lat. movere, motus -to move + able
Xellus Othoro Gr. xenos -stranger + other
Yoko Monogatari Jp. 物語 (ものがたり) monogatari -tale, story, legend
Tenmai Jp. 天 (てん) ten -sky + 舞 (まい) mai -dance
Panacea Gr. pan -all + akeomai -to cure
Vox extract Lat. -vox, vocis -voice
Shoko cave Jp. 曙光 (しょこう) shoko -dawn (曙 sho -dawn + 光 ko, hikari -light)
Sagittarius Lat. sagitta -arrow
Seraph Heb. saraph -to burn
Mal'ach Heb. malach -angel
Sentai Jp. 戰隊 (せんたい) sentai -squadron
Teskni Lucentia Gr. teknon -child + Lat. lux, lucis -light
Toramus Yoseru Jp. 虎 (とら) tora -tiger + 寄せる (よせる) yoseru -to gather, to collect, to add
Neve Lat. nix, nivis -snow
Engetsu Jp. 偃月 (えんげつ) engetsu -crescent moon
Gesta Lat. gerrere, gestus -to bear, to carry
Xenolithos Gr. xenos -stranger + lithos -stone
Arezoth Gr. Ares -god of war + Heb. oth -plural suffix
Requia Lat. re, red -back, again + quies -quiet
Eglas cave Gr. aigle -shine
Ankh ankh -life (Ancient Egyptian)
Ronkai Jp. 論 (ロン) ron -argument, discourse + 偕 (かい) kai -together

Ara Fell etymology
Ara Fell Lat. ara -altar + fallen or Ara -kind of parrot + fell -fur, skin or Fell -fur (German)
Dirisetsu Hollow dire + Jp. 節 (せつ) setsu -period, time
Asari Jp. 漁り (あさり) asari -search
Itora grove Lat. ire, itus -to go
Auradorne Lat. aurum -gold + dorn -thorn (German)
Seramai plains serene
Aloria Lat. ala -wing + arium -place suffix
Armire Lat. arma -weapon + ira -ire, anger, wrath
Arei ruins Lat. ara -altar or Gr. Ares -god of war
Silvara Lat. silva -forest + arium -place suffix
Maranda Lat. mors, mortis -death or mare -sea + andus, anda -ing suffix
Castle Atana atañer -to concern (Spanish)
Arger arger -anger, dander, irritation (German)
Seri Kesu Jp. 競 (せり) seri -competition + 消す (けす) kesu -to erase, to delete, to extinguish
Barmon bare + Lat. monere -to warn
Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand
Final fantasy etymology:
Umaro Jp. 馬 (うま) uma -horse + 狼 (ロウ) -rou, ro -wolf

Quintessence etymology:
Kaire Gr. χαίρω khairo, chairo -to rejoice, to be glad
Fione fionn -fair, white (Irish) or It. fiore -flower
Dasha 大厦 dàshà -mansion (Chinese), or to dash, or 大殺 dàshā -to slaughter (Chinese), or दश (dáśa) -ten (Sanskrit), or दास dasa -servant (Sanskrit)
Eshe variant of Asha -life (Swahili) from Ar. aisha -alive
Rives variant of Reeves from Middle English reeve, plural reeves -local official
Serai from Seraiah Heb. sera -ruler + i -my + yah -Yahveh (one that exist from hayah -to be)

Elder Scrolls etymology:
Kagrenac Jp. 影 kage -shadow + 連 ren -connect, gang, party, to lead + Lat. ac -of, related to
Kynareth -goddess of air from kin (of) air + Lat. ett -little, small
Volendrung wollen -to want, to wish + drang -pressure from dringen -to press (German)
Welkynd Stone welkin -sky (archaic) + Kind -child (German) In book Magic from the Sky Welkynd literally means sky child.Wolke -cloud (German)
Morahame Lat. mors, mortis -death + home, hamlet or Jp.破滅 hametsu -ruin, destruction or 葉芽 hame -leaf bud
Ninendava 您 nin -you (Chinese) + end + Lat. avere -to wish
Arpenia Lat. ara -altar (of) + poena, pena -penalty, punishment
Hame Jp.破滅 hametsu -ruin, destruction
Lindai 林 lin -grove, woods (Chinese) + Jp. 大 dai -big, large
Nenalata nen -no, without + Lat. alata -with wings, winged from ala -wing
Nornal norn -witch (Icelandic) + Lat. al -of, related to
Piukanda It. più -more + Lat. candere -to shine, to glow
Talwinque tal -talk (Icelandic) + Lat. vincere -to win, to vanquish
Trumbe throne + to be
Varondo war + ondo -wave (Esperanto)
Welke welken -to wither (German)
Lorkhan lore + khan -lord (Turkic)
Malak Lat. malus, mala -bad, evil + ac -of, related to
Durzog Lat. durus -hard + zog, ziehen -to pull, to drag (German), (hard to tame)
Chimer to change + Lat. maritus -husband, man
Culotte cool + Lat. ett -little, small (was small ruin with undead)

Everlong etymology:
Muspell mund -protection + spilla -destroy (Old Norse)
Ragnarok regin -gods + rok -fate, judgement (Old Norse)
Surtr from svartr -black (Old Norse) swarthy, schwarz -black (German)
At the end of the world they will destroy the world with fire from Surtr's sword after that will be new age and new world.
Wes -short from Wesley from a surname which was derived from place name meaning west meadow in Old English
(picture indicating that wildwes's real name is Wesley)
I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

Anyway, this is quite fascinating, though I second what Ratty said. Put that stuff in a spoiler please.

Including you, I already know 3 "Wes" all related to gaming and I keep wondering if you are all the same guy!
For one I even made a game named after him (Wide Expiration Space aka Wesmaze) because he always nagged about how the view range in my games is too low (so I made a game where the view range is variable but you get punished for increasing it =p).
Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand Xand
Arrille S. ar -king + Q. rille -brilliance
Muatra S. muil -drear + Q. atar -father

Laxius etymology
Goombauer gloom + bau -to build (German), Underking's castle

Mikkoku etymology
Pelargir -harbour of royal ships from pel -go around, revolve + ara -royal, noble + cir -ships from cair -ship (Sindarin)

Ara fell etymology
Talani tal -dale, valley (German) + Lat. an -of, related to

Exit fate etymology
Arn arn -royal (Sindarin)
Ansee an -on + See -lake (German)

Three the hard way etymology
Selma kingdom selma -fixed idea, will (Quenya)
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