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Since I suspect there are quite a few forum dwelling developers who don't venture to the front page all too often, I thought I'd make a tiny topic here as well.

Finally, the mode 7 plugin has reached a stage where it's feasible to release it to the public. It's still a bit rough around the edges, are there are still some features which I would like to implement still. But, it should be usable and enjoyable in it's current form, so if you're still using rm2k3, you might want to play around with it for a bit.

The general outline of the plugin, is that it will take your map, and draw it in mode 7 style right at a layer right above a choosen picture id. The plugin then gives you the option to set a variety of parameters related to the map will be rendered, as well as rotating it, and adding custom spritesheets (for the sake of an arbitrary amount of angles) to the map.

Some things to notice is that the first tileset in your database cannot be used for a map to be rendered in mode 7 style (however random that sounds), and you'll need to put all relevant files being used in a mode 7 rendered map into the respective game folders. Just having it in your RTP folder is not sufficient.

Specifics are, as said, listed in the readme.
There's a tiny demo along with the plugin, to demonstrate it's usage, but you should probably still read it to know how to use it properly, and what to be wary of.
Also, a special thanks to Pepsiotaku, who helped out by testing and sorting out an issue I had while developing the plugin.

The download can be found here

Ugh, Duplicate.
Please remove this one
Ugh, Duplicate.
Please remove this one
Ugh, Duplicate.
Please remove this one
Impressive, I have to try this! :)
double threads and triple posts? How did you manage that one? :P

Here's my implementation of this plugin for those that missed it:

The coastlines/autotiles were fixed since that was made, so here's what it looks like now (so purdy):

My mouse is broken and produces double clicks on 80% of all mouse clicks. Apparently it's capable of triple clicking as well
Incredible work. Between this and things like the trigonometry common event, you're a wizard with this stuff.
there is someway to change the inclination?
Yes. To do that, you have to mess around with the @set_horizon command.
The first parameter will determine how where on the screen it will start drawing your map, and the second parameter controls where the horizon in terms of the perspective is. Using this, you can simulate changing the inclination
I tried that but it seems that the minimum values
make the graphics stay too much far away
I wanna see something like this, with few mode7 effect.

The Z value make the camera go high but the character dissapear below
the view range.
I love you. Let me know if you want someone dead, and I'll do it for you.
I would be interested in the source code... can you send it to me? (If you want.)

1) You could handle the screen fade by reading RPG::screen->canvas->brightness, see http://rpg-maker.cherrytree.at/dynrpg/class_r_p_g_1_1_canvas.html#a40a63d8f31478a954e66aa4529aeee12
2) Events "pop" into sight from the side if they are too wide (test it with the castle), i.e. if the middle tile is not visible, the event is not visible, even though it might be wider than the tile. This can be solved with the onCheckEventVisibility callback. See http://rpg-maker.cherrytree.at/dynrpg/group__callbacks.html#ga47d59f3d222f083c095f7ebbae86b779
I tried that but it seems that the minimum values
make the graphics stay too much far away
I wanna see something like this, with few mode7 effect.

lol I tried that one too ^^ well but I guess these might be about all useful modes for now:

^^° even though I dunno if I'll use it... I've got few time and redoing all the worldmap sprites is something I'd only do, if I'm totally bored :P
1) Thanks, never gave the brightness much regard, but that should be a good way of solving that proble.
2) onCheckVisibility is probably not going to be a panacea here either, since what you see in the mode7 view does not neccessarily correspond very well with what would normally be on the screen ( The extra depth makes some significant changes here ).
That the width can become problematic is known (though forgotten to add in the readme file, thanks for the reminder), though I've been considering the wrapping problems, where the events pop up in a similar fashion because of how rm2k3 handles screen relative coordinates on wrapped maps to be more visible and a bigger problem.

It is on the stuff I want to fix though, but haven't come up with a particularly good solution yet.
1) Actually, I just wonder why the RPG doesn't update your sprites' appliedPalette automatically. It normaly does that, see http://rpg-maker.cherrytree.at/dynrpg/class_r_p_g_1_1_image.html
2) Oh, right. I thought you were using onDrawEvent or something like that (which is not called if the event is out of sight)
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Well, shit, this is pretty impressive. Kudos!
I've been playing around with this plugin non-stop and I noticed a few things that really need to be fixed.
1. If you walk behind an event set to below hero from behind the event will be above the hero.
2. Erasing events does not remove the event completely, most notable is the event's graphic still appears.
3. The jump command does not work?
4. The game crashes if you don't have wrapping or set a boundary texture.

These are just a few things I noticed. I will post more as I continue messing around with it. Also is there a way to remove the background, so that you can see even further ahead. I tried using the command to disable it, but didn't do anything that I noticed.

Edit: Also I am almost up to 1000 events on a single map each with a graphic. Will the game crash if there are to many events? If so what is the limit?
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