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Since I suspect there are quite a few forum dwelling developers who don't venture to the front page all too often, I thought I'd make a tiny topic here as well.

Finally, the mode 7 plugin has reached a stage where it's feasible to release it to the public. It's still a bit rough around the edges, are there are still some features which I would like to implement still. But, it should be usable and enjoyable in it's current form, so if you're still using rm2k3, you might want to play around with it for a bit.

The general outline of the plugin, is that it will take your map, and draw it in mode 7 style right at a layer right above a choosen picture id. The plugin then gives you the option to set a variety of parameters related to the map will be rendered, as well as rotating it, and adding custom spritesheets (for the sake of an arbitrary amount of angles) to the map.

Some things to notice is that the first tileset in your database cannot be used for a map to be rendered in mode 7 style (however random that sounds), and you'll need to put all relevant files being used in a mode 7 rendered map into the respective game folders. Just having it in your RTP folder is not sufficient.

Specifics are, as said, listed in the readme.
There's a tiny demo along with the plugin, to demonstrate it's usage, but you should probably still read it to know how to use it properly, and what to be wary of.
Also, a special thanks to Pepsiotaku, who helped out by testing and sorting out an issue I had while developing the plugin.

The download can be found here

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