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I'm currently looking for an artist for Character Sets, Chip Sets, Face Sets, Monster and Backdrops, so pretty much all of the in game art. Currently I'm only in the writing and planning stages so i would mainly need someone who can draw rough concept sketches of the characters. The Feel of my game is retro and by that i mean i want a very "Super Nintendo" feel that you would get from such games like Lufia, Breath of Fire etc. etc. This project will take a little while before i get into the actual programming stages so there will not be a huge time rush in terms of work, I would much rather have a slow worker who gets it done right then someone who speeds through it carelessly. I am very serious about this game and please respond only if you are serious about the position. Thank you for reading this post and have a good one :)
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Thanks, I'm still new to posting on forums
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