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Hey, I'm having a problem in my game, since the character begins as a 'general' (weak) class and gets to choose their own class after talking to somebody in a town. So far, I've playtested my game and whenever you change any character's class in-game, their level resets to level 1. Obviously this is not what I want, but I can't find a way to make the characters keep their level but change their class.

I should add that this is my first game and I'm very new at this, so a solution without having to understand complicated scripting would be ideal.
Even newspapers have those nowadays.
Hm... I'll be shooting blindly since I don't know which maker do you use, but in most makers, I'd first save current level to a variable and then restore it using "change level" option.
THOUGH this could give birth to interesting gameplay features.

Since the new class' got to have better status growth, you could do something like:
Storing pre-classchange statuses in variables, divide them all by X, then add them to the lv.1 character. This'll make the lv.1 character a tad stronger (still weaker than before losing levels) but will bring the fun of earning 2 lvs per battle, will increase the overall ammount of levels your character will get, akin to the Reincarnate feature present in nippon ichi games. =D

Uh, this is one incomprehensible mess of a post because I was bothered while writing so sorry if it's uninderestandable.
I will assume that you are using RPG Maker VX Ace, as VX and XP don't reset the level when changing classes. Rave basically has it right. You'll want to save the character's level to a variable, then subtract 1 from it(due to the fact that when changing classes the character will start back at level 1, and you probably don't want them to gain a level every time they switch classes). Then once the player has selected a new class, change the the character's level back to the variable saved at the beginning of the event.

The event will look something like this:
You should probably save the character's total XP instead of level. It would suck to switch right before a level-up.
That's a good call Antilurker, then you wouldn't have to mess around with pesky levels at all.
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