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i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Liberty is doing a two-day "DO SOMETHING" event, and because I'm job-hunting Craze, I said that I am going to make a game for it in RM Ace!

So, what is it going to be? WYRM WARRIORS! You'll be thrown into a small (...tiny...) country that needs to you slay the evil Wyrm Wizard. Your party? A group of characters designed by you all!

Everybody will be available from the start, and you'll be able to have five people in the active battle. The game will likely use Yanfly's basic scripts without too much fancy editing, because two days is a very short amount of time, even for me. XD

If you're interested in creating a character (or two, or three! More than that's a bit much, though), follow this guide! And maybe listen to this playlist as you work!

Step 1: Choose a graphic
Go to the site below and choose a character portrait! Nab the bust and upload it to imgur or wherever you prefer so as to avoid hotlinking. If you want me to use a different colored version than the bust shows (as we'll only use the busts on the game profile, not in the two-day game itself), just make a note in your post. =)

Nayuki's site: http://tabinoyadokari.web.fc2.com/ ("Material" is the third link on the left. It lists female characters and then male characters. Let's avoid the ones below the general male/female sets, such as the king and santa, since they're better as NPCs.)

Step 2: Fill out a basic bio
In the quote box below is a simple bio sheet for you to fill out. Anything not bolded is just a note; delete it as you fill things out. Please note that I might have to trim it a bit in the game to fit window sizes and all that, but I'll do my best to preserve it (and I'll PM you if it's waaaay too long).
Name: Max nine letters long. Can use any Unicode that the default Ace font recognizes.
Gender: Male/Female/Welp/Trans*/Genderqueer/whatever. If using a non-binary gender, please be respectful.
Age: Self-explanatory!
Description: Your character's backstory and/or motivation and/or personality and/or whatever. Please keep it within about four-five sentences!
Other: Any random things we should know.

Step 3: Determine battle abilities
The characters will each have a unique class, with skills pulled from a general pool (think of demons in SMT or the mons in Pokemon, I guess). Below are the stats and general skill pools to draw from, with another quote box to fill out.

Stats: Health, Skill Points (catch-all MP for any type of skill), Attack, Defense, Magic, Barrier, Speed, Healing. All are pretty standard!

Skill pools: Fire, Water, Storm, Dark, Heavy Weaponry, Light Weaponry, Tanking, Healing. Note that the offensive pools include debuffing and the defensive pools include buffing. "Heavy" vs. "light" weaponry is basically strong, riskier attacks vs. quick multi-hit abilities. A skilled fighter might utilize both pools. If you're still a little hazy, think of Heavy Weaponry as a berserker or knight's skillset, and Light Weaponry as a rogue or monk's skillset.

Focus/Foci: What the character is good at within their skill pools. You can come up with your own, but some good examples are single-target damage, area damage, inflicting debuffs, reviving allies, etc.

Class: Can be almost anything you desire; try to stay within the high fantasy setting.
Stats: Pick 1-3 to be above-average, and an equal amount to be below-average. If you want one to be very high or low, make sure you balance that out (for example, "very high Health but low Barrier and Speed," or "very high Magic and very low Healing").
Weapon(s): Pick 1-3 (if you pick shields, pick at least one more). Swords, daggers, claws, axes, maces, staffs, bows, shields.
Armor: Pick 1-2. Heavy, Stealth, Mystic. These correlate to the basic trio of warrior/rogue/mage.
Skillsets: Pick 1-3. Two is probably the best, but one or three are also fine.
Focus: See above description. This is a two-day game, so try to keep it simple. XD Think of it as what sets your character apart from other characters with the same skill pools.

Step 4: Write quotes
While this will not be a particularly text-heavy game, we want a little bit of personality in these characters! Come up with lines for each situation below (there can be multiple per situatiion):

-Item drop screen
-Leveling up
-Opening a chest
-Starting battle (high HP)
-Starting battle (low HP)
-Staying at an inn
-Before final battle with the Wyrm Wizard
-Anything else you think is feasible for a short project, based on common traditional jrpg actions


...and that's that! I'll do two examples in my next post.

If this game winds up being kinda fun and worthwhile, I'm totally down for fleshing it out a bit more with you guys. If not, in 2-3 days you'll still have a character (or characters) in a short, dorky RPG! How exciting!

Character List
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem

Andri the Apprentice

Name: Andri
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Description: An excitable young wizard-to-be, Andri wants to test his magic abilities on the wyrm menace threatening the country of Aremen.
Other: He was born blonde, but a failed experiment turned his hair pink.

Class: Apprentice
Stats: High Magic and Speed, low Health and Defense
Weapon(s): Staffs, bows
Armor: Mystic
Skillsets: Fire, Storm
Focus: Area damage

-Victory - "Awesome, we did it, guys!" | "Aha, I knew we'd make it!"
-Item drop screen - "Hey, what'd we get?"
-Leveling up - "I can feel the power!" | "They're in trouble now!"
-Opening a chest - "Ooooh, please be a new staff..."
-Starting battle (high HP) - "I'm coming for you, Wyrm Wizard!" | "I'm not gonna hold back!"
-Starting battle (low HP) - "Eugh, let's get this over with..."
-Staying at an inn - "Sleep tight, guys."
-Before final battle with the Wyrm Wizard - "Enjoy my magic, you big doofus!"

Daji the Scholar

Name: Daji
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Description: Daji was once a teacher, but she eventually realized that her true desire was to study demons. She mixes swordplay with the dark magicks she researches.
Other: She chooses to wield dark power because it she believes it lets her better overwhelm her foes. She acts much a dark exorcist.

Class: Scholar
Stats: Very high SP, low Barrier and Healing
Weapon(s): Swords, daggers
Armor: Stealth, Mystic
Skillsets: Light weaponry, Dark
Focus: Debuffing enemy offenses (ATK Down, MGC Down)

-Victory - "I never doubted our ability." | "It's only natural that we win."
-Item drop screen - "Anything interesting?"
-Leveling up - "Practice makes perfect." | "This is good, but I must learn more."
-Opening a chest - "Analysis says that this isn't a mimic."
-Starting battle (high HP) - "Fall before my blade!" | "You will rue this day!"
-Starting battle (low HP) - "I can still hold my sword... for now."
-Staying at an inn - "Ah, time to retire with a book."
-Before final battle with the Wyrm Wizard - "Taste your own dark magicks, Wyrm Wizard!"
You're magical to me.
Wow, this is an incredible idea! This sounds like so much fun!

Maricela the Dark Knight

Name: Maricela
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Description: Maricela has a bubbly personality, and is carefree and cheerful. So of course she chose to become a Dark Knight who utilizes the infernal arts. Has a soft spot for anything occult or any sort of forbidden magic.

Other: Is searching for the ultimate blade of darkness. Because "it sounds fun." She might find a blade fitting that description in the small Temple of Garanaath, named after the "Long Forgotten Deity of Writhing Bloodlust."

Class: Dark Knight

Stats: Has high Attack and Magic but suffers in Defense, Barrier, and Speed

Weapon(s): Swords

Armor: Heavy (unless that's broken given her defense weakness, then Mystic instead)

Skill pools: Dark, Heavy Weaponry

Focus/Foci: Area damage, perhaps cast-from-HP if the game uses it.


-Victory "Praise be to darkness!" "Yay, their blood was spilled so easily!" "Hehe, good job everyone!"
-Item drop screen "Oh my! Can we really keep this?" "Anything shiny?"
-Leveling up "I accept this gift from the void!" "Three cheers for me!" "Yay for Hard work and Dark Forces!"
-Opening a chest "Show me your secret contents!"
-Starting battle (high HP) "Let's show some spunk and send them to Hell!" | "What a pleasant day for slaughter!"
-Starting battle (low HP) "Oooh, darkness, don't abandon me in my time of need..."
-Staying at an inn "Let's all have good, warm, fuzzy infernal dreams!"
-Before final battle with the Wyrm Wizard "You... you're too mean! We'll make you pay!"
Any guidelines on what the setting is intended to be like, so that we can ensure that the characters are properly consistent with it?
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Generic jrpg/high fantasy for now -- think Dragon Quest, or the earlier Tales Of games. If this becomes something more after the "two-day DO SOMETHING" event, we can all talk about where to move it in a more unique direction.

edit: Feel free to introduce stuff into your bios and whatnot, like a specific god a characte worships, or the town they're from. I'll do my best to put it in the game. Dungeons and towns will likely be a bit text-adventurey in nature more than intricately mapped complexes due to the time restrictions, so we can have a lot. There might be a small dark shrine where Maricela gets an ancient evil sword, for example.
You're magical to me.
There might be a small dark shrine where Maricela gets an ancient evil sword, for example.

O_O AWESOME! I'll add that to her bio right away!
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.

Jeffan the Gunslinger

Name: Jeffan
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Description: An arrogant maverick deadeye with a weakness for gambling and pretty ladies. Thinks he's too good to be taught or be told. His parents died when he was a teen and he inherited their wealth and land - he spends most of his days on the acreage practicing his shooting skills and hunting. Tends to avoid hardship if he can.
Other: One of Aremen's most famous rakes.

Class: Gunslinger
Stats: High Attack and Speed, low Barrier and Defense
Weapon(s): Rifles, bows, handguns
Armor: Stealth
Skillsets: Heavy Weaponry, Steal
Focus: single-target damage (burst)

-Victory - "With me on the team, how could we lose?" | "Deadeye for the Bad Guy."
-Item drop screen - "Whatever that was, it's mine!"
-Leveling up - "I was great before, but I'm even greater now!" | "Could I be any better?"
-Opening a chest - "This will look good in my collection."
-Starting battle (high HP) - "There's no stopping me now!" | "You're dead."
-Starting battle (low HP) - "This is worse than a hangover..."
-Staying at an inn - "I wonder if I can find someone to share my bed..."

EDIT: welp guns.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Hell yes gonna do this

Also going to break your high fantasy setting because I'm an asshole who does that

Hitori the Magical Girl

(use the brown haired one)

Name: Hitori
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Description: An ordinary teenage girl who was attending school in another dimension until she was given magical powers and transported here by a strange cat-like creature who chose her for her purity. She was tasked to defeat the nine evil Sorcerers of the Deep Blue, but she finished doing that a while ago, and nothing happened. And now her cat familiar won't answer her calls. And she's stuck here.
Other: It could perhaps be implied, but should probably not be actually stated, that she was transported here from present-day Earth.

Class: Magical Girl
Stats: Magic and Speed above average. Health and Attack below average. Healing slightly above average and Defense slightly below average.
Weapons: Staffs, Bows
Armor: Mystic
Skillsets: Water, Healing
Focus: Protective Barriers, Finishing Moves (via whatever mechanics you like, whether that's low enemy HP = greater damage or heavy damage + remove ailments from enemy or whatever)

Victory Quotes:
"For love and justice and all that's cute, you've been punished!"
"Evil is no match for a pure girl's heart!"
"Evil's been punished by Magical Hitori! V for victory!"
Item Drop Quotes:
Level Up Quotes:
"The power of friendship is strengthened!"
"Magical Hitori crystal power, enhance!"
Opening Chest Quotes:
"Oh, this looks cute."
Starting Battle Quotes (High HP):
"For love and justice and all that's cute, Magical Hitori is here!"
"Hitori Ribbon Transform! It's time to go!"
"Uncute minions of evil, it's time for you to be punished!"
Starting Battle Quotes (Low HP):
"My friends are counting on me this time! Hitori Ribbon Transform!"
"I can't let down my friends!"
"My wonderful friends are my power. You'll never win!"
"My heart's beating fast. I know I can do it! Hitori Ribbon Transform!"
Inn Sleep Quotes:
"One day, I'll find a way home. But probably not today... *yawn*"
Final Battle Quote:
"Love! Truth! Purity! This is what I stand for! The light of justice, granted to me by the eternal crystal! The role of this world's protector, assigned to me by the goddess! I am Magical Hitori, and in the name of all that's cute, I will punish you!"
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Guns and magical girls are fine! Rules are meant to be broken... like buildings! And people!
You're magical to me.
A gunslinger and a magical girl... this game just got even more incredible.
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Adding healy types because I love me some healy types.

Jolanta the Paladin
Name: Jolanta
Gender: Translady
Age: 33
Description: A holy knight-errant of the deity Tovinari, with a vow of poverty. She roams the wilderness on the lookout for people to help and injustice to fight.

Other: She's not an evangelist; she believes in being an example of a good person, and is more focused on making the world better for people than on dogma or philosophy.

Class: Paladin

Stats: High defense and healing; low speed

Weapon(s): Spear, shield

Armor: Heavy, Stealth

Skill pools: Healing, Tanking

Focus/Foci: Revival, defense


-Victory "Is anyone hurt?" "I think that's the last of them."
-Item drop screen "Does anybody need this?" "Here's something..."
-Leveling up "I feel the blessings of Tovinari strengthening me." "May we continue to grow together."
-Opening a chest "There don't seem to be any traps..."
-Starting battle (high HP) "You may still surrender." "Take care, everyone."
-Starting battle (low HP) "I've suffered worse..." "Tovinari, support me!"
-Staying at an inn "I'm... not very used to sleeping inside."
-Before final battle with the Wyrm Wizard "If you won't change your ways, it's my duty to destroy you."

Hazel the Apothecary

Name: Hazel
Gender: Female
Age: 53
Description: A prodigy in all kinds of medicine, Hazel commands a high price for her cosmetic surgery services from the wealthy and noble. While some of this profit goes toward her appearance (she has a definite weakness for fashion), most ends up funding scholarships for underprivileged aspiring doctors.

Other: Hazel and Joslina are twins. In rebellion against being known only as "the good twin" (both because she doesn't believe Joslina to be all bad, and because she'd rather be defined on her own terms), Hazel tries very hard to display a persona of a greedy, vain person. However, she has a very strong good guy streak, and her true motivation is just making the world a more beautiful place.

Class: Apothecary

Stats: High speed, high healing, low attack

Weapon(s): Scalpels

Armor: Mystic and/or Stealth

Skill pools: Healing

Focus/Foci: Buffs and debuffs, status ailments


-Victory "Let's see... that's fifty percent for overtime, minus materials, minus room and board..." "Oh dear, it got all over my skirt!"
-Item drop screen "Ooooh, I could get a good price for this!" "I call dibs on any jewelry!"
-Leveling up "It seems I just can't stop getting better!" "What's that? I think I hear my net worth increasing again!"
-Opening a chest "Hello, new bank deposit!"
-Starting battle (high HP) "I wonder what sort of goodies we'll be getting from these piñatas!" "Ooooh, you REALLY look like you could use my services."
-Starting battle (low HP) "My outfit is already ruined. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!" "...I think I'll just cut you open and call it a day."
-Staying at an inn "Ahhhh, sweet, sweet beauty sleep!"
-Before final battle with the Wyrm Wizard "I specialize in cutting out ugly spots like you! The world will look so much nicer once you're gone!"

ETA: Magical girl owns.
And here's the perfect villain for that magical girl, a witch!
Should've called her Rita Repulsa.

Joslina the Witch

Name: Joslina
Gender: Female
Age: 53
Description: Joslina may look young, but a Witch's power to temper with her life force, or that of others, makes it impossible to determine her true age.
Other: Unlike her twin sister, Hazel, she enjoys the suffering of others more than healing.
Class: Witch
Stats: HP: +2, SP: -1, Attack: -2, Defense: 0, Magic: +1, Barrier: 0, Speed: -1, Healing: +1.
Weapon(s): Daggers, Staffs
Armor: Mystic
Skillsets: Dark, Healing
Focus: Debuffing enemy defense (DEF Down, Barrier Down) and buffing party offense (ATK Up, Mgc Up) for maximum pain on the enemy side. >:)
Her healing and dark spells are more of the HoT/DoT variant and generally more support-ish.

-Victory - "Hmm~? Done already?" | "Not nearly enough."
-Item drop screen - "Anything that enhances my beauty?"
-Leveling up - "I wasn't even aware there was still room for improvement." | "The more power I gain, the younger I look."
-Opening a chest - "This better be worth my time."
-Starting battle (high HP) - "Crushing you will be fun." | "That little one's mine."
-Starting battle (low HP) - "It's not me that's supposed to suffer, ugh...!"
-Staying at an inn - "Finally some rest, I was getting tired of all those screams."
-Before final battle with the Wyrm Wizard - "I wonder what your screams sound like."

Is it possible to make her use her HP to cast spells or something? Might have to rework her somewhat otherwise.

Edit: Damn, was taking too long with those quotes, Sooz used the same faceset. :( Everything worked out!
Edit2: Made a more in-depth stat distribution.
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
D'oh! We've got some twins going on!

I'm willing to switch Hazel's coloration for the sake of hilarious mistaken identity shenanigans, though!
D'oh! We've got some twins going on!

I'm willing to switch Hazel's coloration for the sake of hilarious mistaken identity shenanigans, though!

Oh sure, if you're fine with that. :D
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
This seems pretty interesting! Imma throw in a fairy.

Xylia the Forest Pixie
Name: Xylia

Gender: Female

Age: At least 100 years. She herself doesn't know. Being a spiritual creature she may have existed since the beginning of time.

Description: A spiritual incarnation of the forest, Xylia lives to speak for the plants who cannot. While impish and crazy, she's passionate about her role and wishes death on all who threaten the balance of nature.

Other: Living among the woods all her life has made her very out-of-touch with any type of magic/technology that humans living in civilizations have created. She also has bad social skills and tends to misinterpret human speech a lot, leading to a variety of misunderstandings that drive her insane. Her greatest fear is fire.

Class: Fairy

Stats: Very high speed, above-average SP, average/slightly below average Magic, low Attack and Defense

Weapon(s): Staffs

Armor: Mage

Skillsets: Storm, Healing

Focus: A speedy support/caster who inflicts debuffs and minor healing/buffs to the party, including both single-target healing/buffing spells and the entire party. You might want to keep the values minimal, though.

-Victory "When you become dust, you feed the trees around you!" | "Hehe! You look funny when you're purple!"
-Item drop screen "What's this? Do the trees like it?"
-Leveling up "The power of nature grows even stronger within me!" | "I bet I can beat a sequoia in a flexing contest now!"
-Opening a chest "What a strange contraption... EEK! It's made of trees!"
-Starting battle (high HP) "Punish all who harm nature!" | "I am the Xylax, I speak for the trees! ... Did that make any sense to you?" | "Step on that flower and I'll whip you to a pulp!"
-Starting battle (low HP) "The plants will always give me strength... Will they?" | "I won't give up! I promised the pines I'll return triumphant!" | "Those snark little lilypads said I couldn't do this. Well... I'm gonna prove them wrong!"
-Staying at an inn "Does this place have a flower I can sleep in?"
-Before final battle with the Wyrm Wizard "You... you'll pay for what you've done to the forest!"
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
You two can figure out how you want to settle the portraits, haha... I'd prefer two different portraits but if you can come up with some sort of story about long lost sisters with different hair colors or something, that's acceptable.

Re: cast-from-HP, easily doable. Will probably still cost a little bit of SP as well, but also cost HP in exchange for more damage.

Anna the Nature Mage

Name: Anna
Gender: Female
Age: 16
A young girl from a small settlement to the east. Around animals from a young age, she has learned to use the powers of them as her own skills.

Other: She is very sweet and always tries to help people lesser off then she is.

Class: Nature Mage

Stats: High speed, high magic, low attack and health

Weapon(s): Bows, Swords.

Armor: Mystic

Skill pools: Dark/Healing

Focus: Utilizes the skills she learns from enemies.


-Victory "Nothing like sweet victory!"
-Item drop screen "Man, they sure do carry a lot of stuff."
-Leveling up "Looks like I'm going nowhere but up!"
-Opening a chest "Oh nice, I can really use this!"
-Starting battle (high HP) "Hey, you started it." "Might as well give up now!"
-Starting battle (low HP) "I'm in no mood for you right now!" "Let's get this over with."
-Staying at an inn "Zzz sleeping"
-Before final battle with the Wyrm Wizard "Horrible people like you don't deserve any respect. This is for all the people you've hurt!"
Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm kinda thinking a Monk-type (Martial arts would be a skill pool, I guess?) that taunts enemies into attacking him/her. However, he/she is highly evasive, and the blows don't land. Or something like this.

Starting battle quote (high HP): "Hey, idiot, I'm over here!"
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
You two can figure out how you want to settle the portraits, haha... I'd prefer two different portraits but if you can come up with some sort of story about long lost sisters with different hair colors or something, that's acceptable.

That sounds cool. Something like they were twins that liked rearranging people's bits, and one was more interested in hurting people. Wanna go for that, Byah? :D We could average out their ages, since they're p. close anyway.
man all of these character sets are amazing @-@
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