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I am looking to do some artwork for my game. I'm looking for anime/manga style art for my characters. This
is one of the characters I need a full sized picture of.
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
How many pictures are you looking for?

Are you hoping to get some free work (in which case LOL) or are you planning on offering some kind of compensation?
You might wanna read this first, since your request is really vague.

Sorry but I will not be offering an sort of cash payment(I'm broke :[ plus the game is not commercial). I was hoping for about 2(I would like more but since I'm not paying, the number that I'm asking for will be to much). As for detail... I would like the girl in my last post to be drawn with sort of a happy grim reaper feel to her. She has on a long robe and a hood but she usually doesn't wear the hood. She's a very lazy person so her laying down some were would probably fit her. She also a person who is rarely angry and always a sleepy look in her eye. I hope this helps
If you're not offering compensation, you should at least be considering what you have to get artists interested in your project. Is there anything so great about it that people will just naturally want to get involved?

If you have something awesome in the works that a lot of people are totally interested in seeing come to fruition, maybe someone will want to be a part of it without monetary compensation (I haven't been here long enough to know how often this sort of thing goes on here,) but just turning up and saying "hey, I want someone to do this free art for me" is almost certainly not going to get any takers anywhere.
Also, how do we know you won't just quit or abandon your project, making the artwork go to waste? It seems like you've worked on a game previously that's now on hiatus and does not even have a link to a download. As an artist I know I wouldn't want to spend hours of my free time fulfilling the request of a stranger that's most likely to abandon it anyway.
I suppose your right...I'll see how far I get into the game before I ask for art work. Thanks for your time and stay tuned.
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