RMN's Favorite RM Games of All Time List

What Is This?
List your Top 10 Favorite RPG Maker games and I will aggregate the scores and add them to this list.

I've been thinking about doing a "best of RPG Maker games" list for a long time now. I just didn't know how to start. I wanted to know what people believed were the greatest RPG Maker games of all-time, but everyone has different opinions. The question has been asked before, but I want to be able to create a shared list aggregated by everyone's collected views. Plus, there have been many excellent games released since that thread was active, so I have decided to create a new one to attempt to fill that gap.

How it works
  • You are to post your Top 10 RPG Maker Games (in your opinion) as a comment in this thread, or as many as you can think of.
  • They must be in order of greatness, otherwise I will just assume you listed them in order of greatness.
  • Games on your list must be made using any engine made by Enterbrain. The list does not include games made in Wolf Editor, Unity, Game Maker, or other engines made by third parties just because the list might grow very broad, very quickly.
  • Free and commercial games are both allowed.
  • Episodic games will be judged on a case-by-case basis whether they should be grouped together or not. It will usually be judged by factors such as the length of each episode, and how they are packaged as a whole.
  • Votes for your own game won't be counted lol

When users post their top 10 lists, I will use their lists and edit this top post to include the globalized list of all the most highly ranked games. The games will be ranked according to a simple scoring system, which I will explain below.

Scoring system
Each Top 10 list posted in this thread contains 10 entries, which are in order from #1 (the best in the list), to #10 (the worst in the list). The points awarded to the game for the ranking in each persons' list are as follows:

  • 1st place -- 10 points
  • 2nd place -- 9pts
  • 3rd place -- 8pts
  • ...
  • 10th place -- 1pts

These points will be added to each respective game's total, and the globalized Top RM Games of All Time List will be sorted in order of points the games have earned, from highest to lowest.

RMN's Favorite RM Games of All Time List
1A Blurred Line2kLys862000100
2Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis2k3Neok201185
3Star Stealing PrinceVXDiedrupo+Ronove201272
4=The Way2kLunCasari200669
4=Hero's Realm2k3kentona200969
6Ara Fell2k3BadLuckCancelled64
7To The MoonXPFreeBird Games201158
8Dhux's Scar2kErilex200949
9I Miss The SunriseVXDeltree201247
10=Wine & RosesVXACraze201242
10=Exit FateXPSCF200942
12Forever's End2k3NicoBOngoing41
13Homework SalesmanVXADiedrupo+Ronove201335
14Love and War: Act I2kAdmiral Styles200934
15=Sunset Over Imdahl2kTeo Mathlein200532
15=The Witch's HouseVXFummy201232
17=NigSek: A Monster's Tail2kSovan Jedi200130
19OFF2k3Mortis Ghost200729
20=Space Funeral2k3catmitts201028
20=The Longing Ribbon2kGibmaker200528
22Romancing Walker2kFlare200126
23Kinetic Cipher (Again)2k3The Real BrickroadCancelled25
24=The DropVXADeltree201324
24=Leo & Leah2k3Strangeluv201124
24=Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy2k3UPRC201224
27=Yume Nikki2k3Kikiyama200423
29Kindred Saga2kQheretic200121
30=Pom Gets Wi-Fi2k3Me-Patra201319
30=Demon Legacy2k3Nightblade200819
30=Notes on the Second Mellynd WarXP/2k3Eike201019
33=Phantom Legacy (Redux)2k3Nightblade201318
33=Suzy and freedom2k3calunio201318
33=Legion Saga2kKamau200118
37=Set DiscrepancyXPGibmakerHiatus17
37=Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer2k3calunio201017
40The Mirror LiedXPReives200815
41=Quintessence: The Blighted VenomXPReivesOngoing14
41=Castle ChaseVXRachael201014
41=Balmung Cycle2k3Magi200814
45=Lisa: The First2k3Dingaling201213
45=The ReconstructionXPDeltree200913
48=Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages2k3udivision201012
48=Tales of the Drunken PaladinVXDrunken_Paladin201012
50=The Grumpy KnightVXAFomar0153+Indra201311
50=Master of the WindXPArtbane+Volrath201111
50=Desert Nightmare2kKelven200911
50=Three The Hard Way2kiishenron200311
55=Spirit In The Mirror2kMirroredSpiritOngoing10
55=Memento VivereXPDiedrupo+RonoveHiatus10
55=Touhou: Wandering SoulsVXEstheone201310
55=Vacant Sky: ContentionXPSailerius200910
55=Clock of Atonement2kdaigo200710
55=Backstage2k3Max McGee200510
55=Seraphic Blue2kTempura200410
55=Angels of Exodus2k3Illustrious200010
55=Corpse Party95Team GrisGris199610
55=Final Fantasy Endless Nova2kDelita Hyral X200210
55=Chimera Report2kD-Guy200910
55=Memories of ManaXPMoghunter?10
70=Crystalis: Sonata of the Far-Away Sky2k3AveeOngoing9
70=Esper Wing ChronicleVXAChaosAvian20129
70=Fleuret Blanc.XPMerlandese20129
70=Dragon Fantasy2kEphiam20109
70=The Tiamat Sacrament2k3Drakonais20109
70=Nocturne RebirthXPCogwheel20099
70=Palette95Finger Puppet19989
70=Ill WillVXLouisCyphre+Archeia_Nessiah+Happy20129
80=Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl2k3SatedOngoing8
80=Alter A.I.L.A. Variant2k3NeokCancelled8
80=Cell ChamberXPCalibreCancelled8
80=I'm Scared of Girls2k3CARRIONBLUE20118
80=Lain's Horrible AdventureVXNephil V20118
80=LegionwoodVXDark Gaia20118
80=Fable of Heroes2kDustsoft20108
80=Visions & VoicesVXCraze+Karsuman20098
80=The Frozen World2kLys8620038
80=Deus Cards2kWatermark20028
80=Everlasting Journey2k3PepsiOtaku20148
91Paranormal Syndrome2kYuuyami no Kisetsu20137
91Rust and BloodVXASnowOwl20137
91Lunar Wish: Orbs of FateVXALustermx20137
91Spinel's CoreXPRegimos20087
91Whisper Of A RoseXPRose Portal Games20087
91Professor McLogic Saves The Day2k3Gibmaker20087
91Clouded Heart2kkarlmh20067
91Destiny's Call Complete???7
91Happy BirthdayVXATearsOfNightfall20127
104=Dragon Quest: Legacy of the LostVXOrias_Obderhode20136
104=Reincarnation: Dawn Of WarVXAHirei20136
104=Final Fallacy2k3Spoonybard20116
104=Cognitive Dissonance2k3otherhand20086
104=Eternal EdenXPElder20086
104=Ahriman's Prophecy2kAmanda Fitch20046
104=Iron Gaia2kMax McGee20046
104=Jay's Journey2kHeroicJay20026
112=Heartache 101 ~Sour Into Sweet~XPflowerthief20115
112=Starless Umbra2k3dragonheartmanOngoing5
112=The Chronicles of Haledos2k??5
112=- fey -2k3Ashes of Emerald20135
112=Pokemon RebornXPAmethyst20105
112=Tale of Exile2k3Lastturn20095
112=Last ScenarioXPSCF20075
112=Vampires Dawn 22k3Marlex20055
112=Aurora's Tear2kPhoenixDown20015
112=Final Fantasy ZeroXPPetros20095
112=Legend of the Philosopher's Stone2k3xxNemesis29xx+Litearc20055
112=Standstill Girl2kSky Scraper Project?5
112=Dead Moon NightVXAFomar0153+Indra20125
130=Irisu Syndrome???4
130=The Legacy of ZalgothXP??4
130=Darkblood ChroniclesVXAdoriantoki20134
130=A Butterfly's Song?Natrius20034
130=The Blue Contestant2kLys8620034
130=Until My Finest Hour?BloodRose20024
140=Castlevania: Sonata in Red2k3HardleOngoing3
140=Lands of Lunori2k3JennaCancelled3
140=Wilfred the Hero, Part 12k3brandonableyCancelled3
140=Tyrant God Saga: Altered Perception2kbrandonabley?3
140=Phylomortis 22kRPG Advocate?3
140=ovnogesl (v3)VXcentridus20133
140=Labyrinthine DreamsVXAArtbane+Volrath20133
140=Pro Whaling 2012VXProto20113
140=Chrono Alter2k3Lance VII20103
140=Deadly Sin 2VXharmonic20103
140=Outlaw CityXPAnaryu20103
140=Land of Dreams2kDarkflamewolf20103
140=Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle2k3Saint Bomber20093
140=Speak No Evil2k3LouisCyphre20093
140=The Black RoseXPDarkHalo20123
159=Utopian ChaosXP??2
159=The Kyrent Project2k??2
159=Quest FantasyVXALeet20132
159=Sweet Lily DreamsXPRose Portal Games20112
159=Cyber Factor2k3Leric20042
159=Laxius Power2kIndinera Falls20012
159=Dark Soul2kEl Diablo20012
159=Spike Lee's The Twilight Zone2k3Strangeluv20102
159=Aveyond 1: Rhen's QuestXPAmaranth Games20092
171=Profit MotiveVXkulimarHiatus1
171=Reality Breakdown2kkamain?1
171=Akasha SealXP??1
171=Safety: Life Is A Maze2k3CARRIONBLUE20131
171=Hero: The Princess PursuitVXAlimsoonchiong20131
171=The Shoe's On The Other FootVXAkukenstragames20131
171=Shukumei Star2k3crthibodeau20111
171=Sore Losers2kSated20101
171=Legends of Illarion2k3Dyluck20091
171=Retsu Arashi Psychic Storm2kSkyman0720051
171=The Book Of Three2kLys8620011
171=Redmoon Saga2k?20001
171=Dooms 4?MISTER BIG T?1
Latest user list included: Neok 07/15/2014 08:51 PM
1. Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis
2. Phantom Legacy
3. Demon Legacy
4. Forever's End
5. Hero's Realm
6. Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
7. Homework Salesman
8. Speak No Evil
9. Iron Gaia: Virus
10. Backstage


Replace your list of commonly praised games with this because your bias is showing.
Here goes:
1. Yume Nikki
2.To the Moon
3. Ib
4. Gingiva
5. Middens
6. The Witch's House
7. OFF
8. Corpse Party
9. Taut
10. The Mirror Lied

As you may have guessed, I'm not a fan of the classic type of RPGMaker games (with actual RPG combat).

Replace your list of commonly praised games with this because your bias is showing.

Those were games I pulled from articles and threads when I googled the term "Best RPG Maker games of all-time". I took the names that were regularly cropping up. I haven't even played most of the games on the list I provided. And the list you provided shares a lot of games with the current list. I will examine your list however, to see what I missed.

Updating the list right now...
Ugh it's hard enough to list 10 let alone order them. I'll give it a shot but this is hardly a definitive list for me.

1. Wine & Roses
2. The Grumpy Knight
3. Aetherion
4. Blood N Rust (Rust n Blood?)
5. Suzy & Freedom
6. Star Stealing Prince
7. Subject
8. Outlaw City
9. Lisa
10. Ib
1. Angels of Exodus
2. The Way
3. Kinetic Cipher
4. Space Funeral
5. Three The Hard Way
6. A Blurred Line
7. A Butterfly’s Song
8. Dhux's Scar
9. Cyber Factor
10. Legion Saga
7. A Butterfly’s Song

I'm interested to know what game this is and where I can find it. I googled "A Butterfly's Song RPG Maker" but found nothing. Is it that obscure a game?


Plus, this is my list, since I removed it from the original thread post:

1. Wither
2. To The Moon
3. Wine & Roses
4. Suzy and freedom
5. Romancing Walker
6. Hero's Realm
7. The Way
8. Ib
9. A Blurred Line
10. Master of the Wind
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
My personal favourites. Prepare for old school RPG Maker goodness.

1. Exit Fate
2. NigSek: A Monster's Tail
3. A Blurred Line
4. Hero's Realm
5. Necropolis
6. Sunset Over Imdahl
7. Final Fantasy Endless Nova
8. Wilfred the Hero (RPG Maker version, obviously)
9. The Way
10. The Frozen World
1. Dhux's Scar
2. Backstage
3. Clock of Atonement
4. The Witch's House
5. Lisa "The First"
6. Suzy & Freedom
7. Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
8. Ib
9. Taut
10. I'm Scared of Girls
did someone say angels
1. Memento Vivere
2. The Way
3. Wine & Roses
4. Enelysion
5. Reincarnation
6. Heartache 101

There's not really much else that's worth mentioning.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
In hindsight most games are just kind of meh, but for the sake of having 10, here you go.

1. Spirit in the Mirror
2. Everlong
3. Legion Saga II
4. Clouded Heart
5. Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages
6. Dragon Fantasy
7. Dhux's Scar
8. Chrono Alter
9. Hero's Realm
10. Reality Breakdown
Interesting to see people listing incomplete games.
did someone say angels
I can scarcely name 10 completed RM games, let alone 10 worth playing.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I can scarcely name 10 completed RM games, let alone 10 worth playing.

Same here, but mostly because I'm too lazy to play a lot of these games. :P
I really don't know how to decide. But if anybody could take the time, please include these in your list, they were pretty good =).

Ara Fell
A Blurred Line
Desert Nightmare
Sunset over Imdahl
Make it Work
Vampire Dawn 2
Chimera Report
I can scarcely name 10 completed RM games, let alone 10 worth playing.
Same here, but mostly because I'm too lazy to play a lot of these games. :P

Being to lazy to play games, now that's a new problem to me, hah.
I'm a dog pirate
My memory sucks, but...

1. A Blurred Line
2. Hero's Realm
3. Alter AILA Genesis
4. Star Stealing Prince
5. Ara Fell

Those are the big five for me. Everything else after that is incomplete or on tiers...or I haven't had the chance to really get into them. Ara Fell is only included for its influence on mapping (e.g. getting people to not be lazy).
7. A Butterfly’s Song
I'm interested to know what game this is and where I can find it. I googled "A Butterfly's Song RPG Maker" but found nothing. Is it that obscure a game?
I haven't played enough complete RM games to make a list, and the ones I do like are already on the list (I still need to play Forever's End and A Blurred Line... ).
1. Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis
2. Star Stealing Prince
3. Visions & Voices
4. Whisper of a Rose
5. Eternal Eden
6. Miserere
7. Darkblood Chronicles
8. Deadly Sin 2
9. Sweet Lily Dreams
10. Safety: Life is a Maze

(Too bad we can only include Enterbrain games here. The last two I'd rather not have mentioned, but the rules state it have to be 10 games. Safety has a lot of potential but never got the reworked version released until now. Sweet Lily Dreams I haven't fully played because I had some personal "problems" with the author, but I know it's awesome.)