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This seems like a no-brainer, but a preview button on Articles, Tutorials, what have you would be killer. I've just submitted an article and went back and editted it....and then found another edit I wanted to make AFTERWARDS.

Now I mean I do that all the time on Forum Posts, but because articles resubmit for approval when you edit them, I assume you guys just got three messages about my article within a minute of one another.

...also, it's handy for checking formatting. I hate using an italics tag and not realizing I forgot to close it until the thing's already been submitted.
Just write the whole thing in a forum post, then you can preview it all you like, as well as have all of the tag buttons, etc, right there for you. When done, copy and paste it into an article. This was how I was doing my last one (which never got finished :()
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I apologize for not putting it into the current site. It'll be in the next version.
Hey, no need for apologies, WIP. Just thought I'd bring it up in case it slipped through the cracks--sometimes the most obvious ideas are the slipperiest.
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thought I'd bring it up in case it slipped through the cracks

I wish I could slip through your cracks :(
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