What typically gets in the way of your projects completion? - Results

Not enough time.
No real life people interested.
A game feature you cant seem to figure out.
Cant make your game as good and person A or B.
You seem to procrastinate alot.
You can't seem to find the right resources.
Other reason (you can specify in a post.)


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I know for me and I'm sure it applies to most of you guys. When we get these great ideas for this wonderful game we want to make and you start up the project only to be haulted part of the way through by an unexpected (or maybe not) problem that stops the games production. Hell, I've been working on "Legacy Saga" the RM2K3 version, since around 2007. So in a nut shell, I'm just curious what your typical reasons are for stopping your project, or atleast put it on a seemingly forever hold.
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Maybe it's just me, but having multiple projects to work on seems to get in the way of getting stuff done. Not that procrastination isn't a factor at times. Or, I have this stumbling block on how (sometimes if) I should proceed that I can't seem to get past.

*Edit: Having people interested in something I made is a pretty huge motivator to get it done, and make it good. Having nobody notice/care about my work is pretty much the default mode, though I would still want it to have some modicum of quality.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
For me, it's because I'm a slacker. Just look at how long it took me to finish Blackmoon Prophecy.

I REALLY love making games and such, but if someone wants me to play a game with them or there's something else really interesting that I take notice of, RPG Maker slips down my list of priorities slightly.

Having people interested in my game is a pretty huge motivator to get stuff done. Having nobody notice/care about my work is pretty much the default mode.

*looks between Shattered Wings and Blackmoon Prophecy II game pages*

Yes. Yes it is.
On a side note, UPRC & Marrend. You both make great games.

Now, For me mostly it's the lack of people playing my game. Sure, all of you guys are awesome and I really love the feeback, but I have one real life friend playing it (kind of) and that hinders it for me. I really want to work on it, I love RPGs playing and making them. Though when nobody seems to want to play, it's like what's the point. It's really a mix of most of those options, but mostly the real life friend issue.
Me? I'm just busy with real life and stuff, but I'll never quit just because of that :)

And when I do get into doing things, I take my time to do them, not rush them.
It's kind of weird. There's times when I got for weeks with doing almost nothing. Then all of a sudden I get this urge to create and I'll hammer out boat loads of progress.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
It's not just that I don't have enough time, it's that I don't devote the time that I have to game creation. I still prioritize "goofing off" (ie- playing games, watching movies, etc..) over "make game". I could do better if I focused.

Thus, I selected Procrastinate.
Other: Starcraft 2.

Quite a great game. I haven't played it in a while, but still a great game. I've been hooked on Tera Rising, my other RPG Maker achilles heel.
Several different reasons for me. But the most important one being that I'm lazy and will find excuses if I feel like not working on my game. Second is that I can't focus on game making for long periods of time, I need my breaks. The third is when there's a good game coming out that takes up all my free time (Pokémon...)
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Other: not enough internet people interested. Skills have improved since. etc.
Other: Starcraft 2.

Same, with Hearthstone.

Anyway yea it really just comes down to time management; between work, family life and seeing my friends once a week, I really gotta work to find gamiking time. Of course if I had a bunch of spare time I'd probably squander it away on Twitter anyway so I guess I should just make use of the time I do have, eh?
You know what, I should have added the option.

"Only a one man/woman team."
I procrastinate a lot. And my social life tends to get in the way of things, of course.

I do my best to work on a game either way, though. Just because I'm not working on it constantly doesn't mean it isn't on my mind.
I'm a one woman-team ( in a way, since I don't make my own music or write my own scripts; those are two skills I don't possess ) and it a mix of procrastination and 0 RL people interested in what I do. So yeah. But like UPRC and Marrend pointed out, the general interest level helps out a LOT.
A game feature you can't seem to figure out.

You know, you've got X battle system, and it would be really cool/popular/whatever. Unfortunately, there's no simple way to do it, and nobody to help. So you have the shelf the game until you have a ton of time to do that. Worse yet is if the game has had work for months, and this is the one thing standing in the way of moving on with the project.

That's never happened to me though.
So. Much. Procrastinate.
I've got a giant backlog of games to play and one MMO that keeps me from them - and that really cuts into my game making time. There's only so many hours in a day, even when you barely sleep.
Mine is a mix of three:

Not enough time.
A game feature you cant seem to figure out.

and OTHER: The game doesn't reach my intended standard or goal for that project.

So I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to implement a feature properly and making resources or whatever to reach my intended standard/goal for the game. Which, is insanely time consuming.

Other reason: Redesign process.
Usually because I'm not satisfied anymore with what the project was, or I had new and better ideas.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
This is a hobby, and I get big ideas that I know I really can't implement because there are more important, bill-paying things to do. I have time to work on my games, but every one of them seems to wind up being this big, huge monster universe with teeth and fangs that no matter how much you do, your idea is so big you never seem to get anywhere.
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