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For those of you who are looking for something kind of like RMN but on Steam, the folks over at RPG Maker have released an awesome integration with Steam Workshop! Check it out...but plz don't leave us, 'kay? Hello? Anybody left...?

In all seriousness, this will give you guys some even bigger reach beyond RMN. If you want to improve and get feedback, it's always good to expose your games to as many audiences as possible :)
Just seen the announcement via Steam, they've also put VX Ace on sale again
I once banned myself by mistake
so ummm... how does one SUBMIT things to the workshop, anyway? Keep in mind that I don't have the "steam" version of RPG Maker VX Ace.
so ummm... how does one SUBMIT things to the workshop, anyway? Keep in mind that I don't have the "steam" version of RPG Maker VX Ace.
You can get a free Steam Key from the Support Staff at RPGMakerWeb if you have a proof of purchase (like the confirmation email or whatever). Once you have the Steam version, there is a new option under "File" called "Manage Game" or something, where you can upload the file and select an image for it, and set it to "Play Only", "Play and Edit", or "Resource".

I have noticed though that because of the Steam sale and the addition of the workshop, there are dozens of threads popping up on Steam along the lines of "I can do nothing except write a plot. Who wants to make my game for me?" and people asking how to use every single aspect of the maker to make games way outside of their skill level. I mean, you see that here sometimes, but it's really bad on Steam now.
I once banned myself by mistake
I could have sworn RMW put out a "Introduction to RPG Maker VX Ace + Making Your First Game" article way back when. I know that we have a few video tutorials on using VX/Ace, but most of what we have are either general game design related articles, or more advanced techniques. We don't have the most robust "beginner" section.


actually, this is the beginner's guide I was thinking of.
Wow, this is really cool! Now if only I knew where that email was....
Just keep their whole noncommercial original games with either original or RTP assets and no copyright infringing or fan games in mind and you're golden.
to judges: if you play my game you will think about it twice playing it again!!!
Wow, this is really cool! Now if only I knew where that email was....

Well you could contact them with some of your personal info used to purchase yours and they will look it up.
Looks like you can post games.
I'll be sure to post my Final Fantasy 6/X-Men fangame I've been working on for about 18 years. I can hear the critics already.

But no seriously this is awesome. I just wished they would filter some of the stuff being put on there :/
The new Steam workshop integration is pissing me off. I can't save anything to my computer? Its always in the Steam cloud? wtf?

When I save it always says unable to create file. Then it says I'm about to overwrite it on Steamcloud. The file doesn't seem to save to my computer at all.

I click on delete from steam cloud... it says it is deleted, but doesn't actually delete it? When I close and open manage projects, its still there.
The ghost of project past.
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Got the following, does this mean Steam has disowned rmn ???

The Steam Community is currently unavailable. Please try again later.
Error 503 Service Unavailable
XID: 2599943228"

I'd assume it means Steam is just having some internal issues again and will be fixed before long. It does this with all kinds of services now and again. If it persists then it'll be time to worry!
As a recommendation - setup Steam to work in Offline Mode and disable Cloud Saving for your copy of VX Ace. It'll let you keep working with VX Ace even if Steam (or your internet) is down and won't cause conflicts and errors when it does come back up (because it's never checking your local version against their cloud saved version - which, if it does, can make you lose data).

I forget how to setup Steam to work in Offline mode; I don't even remember when I did it as I've had Steam since forever.
(You might not have to setup an Offline mode anymore; it may automatically allow you to run it offline now.)

To disable the Cloud Saving (seriously, I wholly recommend doing this for your own sanity in gam mak), go into Steam's Library, then select the Software section - right click on VX Ace and click Properties. Go to the updates tab and uncheck the box which says "Enabled Steam Cloud synchronization for RPG Maker VX Ace." This will also save a local copy of anything you get from the workshop to your computer instead of just loading it from the Steam Cloud.
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