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"Super Chronicles of the Ultimate Extreme Dark Legend of the Secret Fantasy Party" is looking for awesome characters to join in this epic saga. (applications accepted until April 1st)

Here is how to join:

Pick a name, profession and dialog to tell your back-story, as well as a one-liner when joining the party.

Create a character using the character creator. (Further editing allowed, the creator is meant as a base, not a limit.) Upload and post it here.

Come up with 2 attacks (each doing fire, water, air or earth damage, or provide healing) . (You can be creative here, just don't select water as element and pick fireball as attack)

Aliens, espers and time travelers welcome.


Name: Daen vom Klan
Profession: Klansman
Dialog: We have fought them black magic users for years and for years they have gained more and more ground. I am telling you, them demons are stealing our jobs and seducing our women. Soon they'll come for you too.
Join: You are wise to seek my company, together we shall cleanse this world.


White Magic, healing.
Holy Hand Grenade, fire.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.

Name: Constipated Oaf
Profession: Sewer Dweller
Dialogue: "You can find anything in the sewer. Rats... poop... diseases... pieces of rats... pretty much anything. So I haven't left in a while."
Join: "Yeah, I can go topside with you. Been a few years since I let myself air out."

- Flush, deals water damage and dispels buffs
- Stench, deals air damage over time
Name: Megatron
Profession: World Conqueror
Dialogue: "I have been stuck on this planet for eons after my own planet blew up."
Join: "I am only joining you to later conquer the world."

- Laser Saber, deals damage to a single enemy
- Repair, deals health to all allies
- Plasma Cannon, deals damage to 3 random enemies
@LockeZ: That's the spirit!

@ShorStar: Very creative, but if you get rid of one attack and upload a character picture for him, you're in.

Name: Jyuni
Profession: Drunk Time-Traveling Programmer
Dialogue: "I spent 3 years working on a goddamned time machine. You want to know what came out of it? 30 years of watching my best friend get murdered over and over and over; I came to the realization that the very flow of the world wanted her gone. So, I took on drinking, learned Drunken Karate from some fat guy who likes to barf on his enemies, won some misspelled tournament, and drank enough to kill an elephant in 3 minutes flat. I won 50 bucks. I haven't looked back since."
Join: "Tell you what, I'm pissed. Find me some faces to smash before I blow my brains out."

-Drunken Stupor: Wildly and Chaotically strike at the opponents: Hits 1-3 enemies 1-3 times.
-Lockdown: Jyuni uses his skills in Time Manipulation and Programming to stop up to three opponents for upto 3 turns, at the expense of lowering his defensive capabilities.

Name: Fray
Profession: Valkyrie (male!)
Dialog: "I can already hear the world collapsing... The mighty cry of the beast Fenrir... Or is it all my mind? Ragnarok is at hand." <- possibly delusional :v
Join: "Shall we prepare for the Grand Clash?"

Reap: Not-so-strong Light-Elemental attack aganist an enemy. If sucessful, enemy drops a special skill stone / stat ups / items that can only be attained this way etc
Material: A wave will raise DEF, MDEF & MaxHP, plus give a low Regen effect for a limited ammount of time.

Eh, i'm not so good with these stuff ><
Even newspapers have those nowadays.
Wanted to give it a try, but generator don't have dragon parts :(.
@Rave: There are scales if you select the fish icon in the "Skin" section.
If that is insufficient to get a dragony feeling, feel free to edit the character as much as you like. The generator is meant as a help, not a limitation.
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