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I want to put a part in my game where you use a bomb to blow up rocks. The only problem is I don't know how to get rid of the rock tiles I'm using and replace them with ground tiles.
Use two pages in an event.

The first page has no conditions, but has the rock sprite. It also contains all the interaction code - and after you complete the action of blowing up the rocks, you flip a switch (if you're just using a single tile worth of rocks and are using a Maker with the option, you can use a self switch; otherwise, you'll need to use a regular switch/variable here). If you have access to the option (called priority in a lot of Makers), set this page as the same level as character.

The second page has no sprite, no code at all, just a condition to show if the switch/variable you used on the face page is activated.

Some pretty basic switch/variable usage.
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