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I just started learning to sprite and I wanted to see how I did.
here it is.
I notice a few mistakes I made. One is that it does not have enough colors.
how did I do?
Fairly well for a first sprite! Looks like a good style for rm2k games.

EDIT: BTW regarding color count -- you don't need to have a specific ammount of colors or shading. Some artists get away with craploads of colors for every single part of the piece, others use almost no colors at all and extremely simplistic shading (such as my avatar), and there are many levels in between. :3

One thing you should keep in mind, though, is the relation between colors themselves.This is far more important than how many colors you have. :D
I think I remember reading that some were but I forget the name. It usually pretty hard to find colors that are different yet blend together.
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