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Does anyone need a story writer? I never get very far making my games but I still have a lot of story idea's. Does anyone need help with making a story?
I may need a writer, depending on how things work out in the next few weeks. I have submitted a game profile to be approved so I can shop for a team of interested people. You should post some samples of your writing skills and maybe some background on the type(s) of things you are interested in writing.
Do you have samples of your writing for us to see? I'm pretty sure people want to know how good of a writer you really are before they ask you to do anything for them, right? ^_^
Ben needs help with a skeleton swordfighter that's good with a club that stalks his neighbor in isolation.
Do you guys want me to write a visual novel or something?
We just want to know if you can write. Anything is fine.
I'll write a story on fiction press and post a link here. Everyone cool with that?
Yes please, just do it lol, you don't have to ask us.
Lets me just whip something up. Give me a day or two.
Its done! Its also really short. Your text to link here... here's the link.(Sorry I double posted. I don't notice until it was to late).
Is anyone still looking at this?
Honestly, that short story is rather uninteresting. Some of the information given seems pointless, there is no tension or conflict, several spelling mistakes...

Give this a look if you want some great tips for beginners:

Keep on looking for tips and practice if you like to write. It is a skill that can be studied and developed.
Thanks for telling me. I think your right, I think that I rushed things and it turned into more of a poem. Thanks for the link, I'm reading it right now.
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