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Yea sort of. For example:

Today I fought in a battle where the enemies levels were high 30s. I fight them and win. I come out of the game and don't touch it for an about a hour or so...come back to it. Go to fight the same group again using the same team. No one, whether or not they were on my 3 man team leveled up..my enemies were now high 70s.

Love the game but don't love this aspect. Oh and it's kinda hard, at least for me, to beat a pair of 77s and a level 75 when your highest is a level 50
That's crazy! Also, you said that the difficulty lowers when you exit/don't play, but it obviously skyrocketed - was that just from winning the one battle?
Maybe you really did mean to say "rank retarded"...

Also, you mentioned it was "free-to-play", so I'm guessing you can lower the difficulty via microtransaction?
Yes it had to be from that one battle because I did nothing else in the game. I feel like the RNG is also linked to the enemies levels. Lol

The micro transactions are to buy the 2 main currencies in the game. Iso-8, which is another name for experience points. And Hero Points which is used to buy mainly more roster spaces but also abilities, health packs, temporary boosts, get more heroes and used to enter special limited time tournies.

Since you earn skills, health packs, boosts and heroes (albeit mostly randomly) during normal play most people only spend their Hero Points on Roster space.
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