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If I make a game with low number stats, HP and MP, should I use states like
Poison and Sleep in the game?
What does the numbers have to do with status effects? Why would whether your HP is 23 or 2364 affect whether or not you should have sleep in it?

Well, poison could have fun rounding consequences with low stats such as you lose 1 HP/round with 19 HP and 2 HP/round with 20 HP. % changes to stats could also have similar problems. The other states effects shouldn't matter though.
I'm asking because if in my game the enemies and actors have low HP, the poison
effect could make the game very easier or very harder depending who uses it.
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If HP is low, it should follow that the capacity to deal damage is equally low. So, Sleep is probably fine, as long as it's not spammed, and recovery on taking a hit is 100%. Though, those are pretty good rules of thumb anyway.
The states are what you want them to be.

Poison, for instance, doesn't have to take away 10% of your HP each turn. It could be 5%, or 1 point, or it could not affect HP at all and instead reduce Defense Power by 25%. It could linger only 2-3 turns, or 3-5, whatever.

Whether you have 10 HP or 10,000 doesn't change anything when Poison makes you lose a percentage of it anyway.

Percentage is a bigger deal at smaller numbers due to how RPG Maker rounds as Crystalgate said. 15% of 10 will round up to 2, but 15% of 100 will stay at 15. The key is to pick numbers which won't offer such a major difference - anything that scales on 10 should work pretty well (10%, 20%, etc.) because then the rounding is pretty minor and at an easy place to predict so long as the targeted number is above 10 to begin with (health lower than 10 will behave wonky using percentages due to RPG Maker's rounding).

Usually with such small numbers is making poison deal a set damage instead of a percentage; to prevent it from becoming useless, you could modify it by one of the stats (dealing 1 damage per turn is more damaging at 10 HP than it is at 20 HP, for example, but if you could base it on a skill so it does say 2 HP per turn at 30 HP, it isn't as weak at that point).
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