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So, in my game I wanted to make a simple quest at the beginning of the game. However, one of the switches needs to be on from the beginning before it's turned off. I don't know how to do this. Help?

Edit: I should probably mention that I'm using RPG maker VX ace.
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CONTROL SWITCHES is the event command you want to use to make a game-switch either active, or inactive.

*Edit: If you have any kind of opening sequence, I think you would want to put the event command in there. Otherwise, I'm not sure where it would go.
A switch always being on before it's turned off and always being off before it's turned on are, in a logic sense, the same thing. Unless there's some very specific logic work, you can probably get away with having the switch start off and turn it on later on in your code.
Ok. So. I've tried turning on the switch through another event (such as talking to an NPC, stepping on a certain tile in front of the door before going to the map that contains the switch.) but the switch is still off and I have no experience with coding. If I put the thing as a common event and then so what I mentioned above, the event will loop until I turn off the game.

I need what I need to put into the code and where I put it.
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If you've put the SWITCH ON on a tile or an NPC, then it should still be on. If it's on a tile, make sure the TRIGGER option is set to PLAYER TOUCH. (See screenshot below, assuming the switch you want pressed is called "yellow dart" in the examples.)

If you just want the switch on at the start of the game, create a new event on the same page that the game starts. Turn the switch on but set the TRIGGER to Auto-Run (it will look just like the screenshot above except PLAYER TOUCH will be replaced with AUTO-RUN on the triggers menu)

Then, create a new page of that script that is blank, aside from Conditions: Switches is set to the switch name (see screenshot below)
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