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Lately we've been upset to notice that there have been instances of people adding art to their game pages but not crediting the creators for that art. As many of you know, there are a lot of artists in the RM community and it not only shows disrespect for them and the content they create for both their own games and others, but also for artists in general.

This is going to stop as of now.

Taking art without giving credit is not on and if you are found guilty of this you will be either warned or banned depending on the circumstances.

The steps will go as follows:-

- Any art on game pages that are not created by yourself should have at the least the name of the creator added to the description (if an image) or in a sub-text/comment (if on a page). A link isn't required but adding one would be nice.

- If we find a page that has not got proper credits, we will open dialogue telling the creator to do so. Sufficient time will be allowed for changes to occur - 24 to 48 hours.

- If there has been no change without good reason, a warning will ensue and the game creator will be asked to either provide credit or remove the image.

- If the image is removed and later put back up again with no credit, banning and remote removal of the image will occur.

- If we find anyone claiming to have created a piece and find out it's not theirs, banning and the removal of the game page will occur. We take stealing seriously.

- This only affects images on the actual game page.

- This doesn't affect art made for your game by someone else, but frankly, you should be giving thanks via credits (at the least!) to that wonderful someone who made you your awesome graphics anyway.

It's very easy to find the credit for a piece of art. Open a Google page, go to images, then drag/drop the image itself into the search bar and look for the original instance of that image. If you cannot find credit for art you've used, remove it from the page until such time as you can.

Just a note - game pages do not disappear when someone is banned unless the creator demands its removal or it is found to be breaking the rules of the site in some way. Your page will remain up, but you will not be able to touch it at all. Also note that most bans are not forever. They usually last a few months in most cases.
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