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I would have never thought 2D, and semi-2D gaming would have reached this far, and keep on going like it has. It amazes me how each year these RPG maker games keep getting better and better by local talent from all corners of the net. I remember the RPG maker 2000/2003 days when I stepped into the scene.(I didn't join the forums yet, I just knew about these games at this point, and being a young teenager at the time). I played alot of these games which some were good, and some were pretty bad.

The ones I recall playing way back when were these:
Devil Hunter: Seeker of Power (I think it was called? Classic rpg game).
Final Fantasy NOVA
Final Destiny(III)..I think it was III, this guy had a long series he was trying to develop.
Darn it, I remember this one game you had to go around fighting these Dragon Guardians, but I can't recall the name of that one.

There were others, but I cannot recall them. I gotta admit you all kept me from being damn bored when video game companies kept pumping out mediocre games during certain points. PS2 had alot of those though Gamecube had a better variety thankfully.

Overall I'm happy things are just getting better, and better now. I miss the old days alittle, but I'm looking forward where RPG maker will go to next.
Oh, hey, I can post here and say you're welcome.
You're welcome.
You're wel...

You're welcome.

You're welcome.

Oh,come on!
You're magical to me.
I also want to thank this community, for providing a place where I can come every day and get excited about RPGs, and where people can get great feedback to improve their games. Seriously, RMN is fantastic and I'm happy to be here ^_^
Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm just thankful that there's this place that I can post my games and never get feedback on them!
It's great to see that you have stuck around here for a pretty long time even though you haven't gotten around to making a game yet, Kaliesto :)
I'd like to thank the holy triumvirate of Holbert, WIP and Ankylo for making rpgmaker.net a reality! Without you guys, I would be doing something productive with my life. (or more likely playing more videogames)
I felt the community doesn't get much appreciation. It's the reason why I did this topic. :)
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