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Hey all. This falls between topics a little bit, but does anyone know of Ace games that use Victor Sant's battle engine exclusively or almost exclusively? The system seem to have a lot of potential, but I've noticed mostly because of how difficult they are plus compatibility problems, people tend to primarily use Yanfly, Battle Engine Symphony or something else, and just a few from Victor (usually the animated battlers), and I'm curious to see a few where Victor's system is used as a base instead.

I'd be especially interested to see a few that didn't use Yanfly or another core engine at all.
Resident Nonexistence
My Ace game uses a strange mixture of Victor's and Yanfly's scripts, though it's mostly Victor's for the battles and such (essentially my "base")

Yanfly's stuff is really only used for the other menus (QUEST LOGS, MAN) and I think a bit in the battles for a bunch of the "behind the scenes" type stuff (enemy levels, party system, so forth) if only because Victor's stuff doesn't entirely do what I need

Anyhow I quite enjoy Victor's engine, especially the bits where you can create your own skill animations by chaining together other animations and such :D
Thanks for the info. I'll make sure to check it out whenever there's a demo.
A lot of Victor's scripts isn't that they are difficult so much as they require a lot of attention and care. They're not simple plug and plays. Usually, you need to do a lot of setup to get them to work. Victor seems pretty good at providing detailed instructions to use his scripts; however, you'll find a lot of people don't want to read a manual to use a script, especially if it's multiple pages long, and so they try to jump in and go with it, only to wind up lost and even more confused than had they read the manual to begin with.

Basically, if you use Victor's scripts, you need to pay attention to detail. Don't wander around too much, stay focused. Plan on spending time reading. Victor gets easily mad when people complain or ask him about how to use a script, and he finds out you didn't bother reading.

If you don't like reading a lot before using something, his scripts may not be the way to go. Then again, learning to use a difficult script is one way to enhance your learning skills for the entire maker.
Yeah, the thing I've noticed about Victor's scripts is they tend to be really dynamic and great, but require a lot of care. I've got most of them working already, and they've done really great things for my game, but by this point I go in expecting a steeper learning curve.

If there's an issue, it's probably that using Victor's more specialized systems means you have to stick to his battle scripts almost exclusively for compatibility reasons (whereas Yanfly, Yami, and Kread are constantly being patched to work together). There's nothing wrong with that either, especially considering how complex it is to make a script and his are very interdependent on each other, just that I've noticed because there's an "either-or" element it's rare for people to go with Victor as a base for their gameplay rather than Yanfly or Yami, and I'm curious to see a few games that do.
I'll be honest - I much prefer working with Victor's scripts as they allow a lot more customization and advanced use without needing to script more myself; Victor's gone into some great depths of code with his scripting. So if I need a function he doesn't have, I either a) write it myself or b) patch another's script to work with Victor's scripts.

Despite a lot of people's complaints, compatibility on his scripts isn't really any worse than other scripter's, thanks to the aliasing, it's just the stuff he does tends to tread on the feet of other scripts ("Mode 7" Airship? Not if you're using his smooth turning script unless you want to write an exception for the airship...).
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