Granted, but they added the characters from Frozen...wait a second...Granted, but the producers dedided to replace the entire cast with the actors
who where on the intro of Resident Evil 1(The game).

I wish to be a Canadian and make my owm Gamemaking site.
Granted, but kentona sues you for copying RMN.

I wish to Be the first post on a page...

EDIT: Wow, granted my own wish!
Granted! No Itty bitty living space.Unfortunately All magic comes with a price!

Having no Itty bitty living space means you want power to rival that of Genie, but without becoming a Genie. The only other magic THAT powerful is that of The Dark One Good News You can live in A Gigantic Castle with your magic Plus you have Near Immortality! Bad News? The Dark One's Dagger is not only the only thing that can kill you, but the holder can control you...

So some Egomaniac Gets ahold of the dagger, and forces you to do his bidding and constantly reverse his age to 21 so he has immortality, And So it continues for all eternity.

Have fun Being a Magic slave! At least you have an Epic room!

I Wish That Once Upon A time Season 4B was on the air already...


As for the already-granted wish, well unfortunately a virus has been released that only attacks those whose posts make it to the top of a page. It is too late for you.

I wish that Unity Pro was free!
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Granted. But Unity now does not permit non-commercial licensing and aggressively prosecutes, and they want 99 percent of the profit of all commercial games.

I wish I could script Ruby like a boss.
Granted. Like a boss.

I wish to have the biggest makerscore.
Not sure why you would want That but *granted!*

Wait, OH! Oops, you said MAKERSCORE, Not MAKARSCORE! My mistake, see, Makarscore is slang for a cancerous tumor in the brain... Welp, you at least can get in the Guinness world record book for the worlds biggest makarscore.

I Wish The Taint problem on Mianite was solved...Thaumcraft stuff is boring...