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So I just started Demon Legacy tonight, and I noticed that a midi file I replaced with a MP3 song from Resident evil that was used for the title screen was not playing. I remember having this same issue before some years back when I tried to play this game with disharmony, and it would crash the game constantly, and I ended up giving up.

Well fast forward to today I applied the latest official patch to the game itself (The file that starts the game), and threw in DynRPG for good measure, and I got the MP3s to work properly.

I thought I share this tidbit tonight in case if anyone else was having the same issue I was having when working with older versions used for these games.

My title to this topic is not titled right. oops...
Why would you replace songs in someone else's games?

I think it might be dynRPG alone that is allowing mp3.

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Midi music greatly irritates me, and I always take the opportunity to upgrade it so that I can enjoy the game much more only if I recognize that song anyway. Hearing a bunch of beep beep beep bop bo bops 24/7 is enough to drive someone crazy.

It's just the way I do things when I want to enjoy someone's game. Yeah I'm a midi-music hater, but I know it was the **** back in the day, and I didn't inherently hate it back then, but I just don't want to go back to that time again if that makes sense since we got all this new capability now.

Now I will be fair some midi music I've heard does not sound so terrible to me, so I'm tolerant to some. Also if I don't recognize a song in a game I just leave it alone, and think nothing of it.
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But midis are so economically sized and fit a novice RM* game complete with ripped graphics and a hackneyed storyline better than some orchestrated piece. The latter just feels out of place the more grandiose the song. I wouldn't want to have to download an extra 300+ MB of music just to play someone's crappy game.

Imagine, if you will, Alex walking through a mac&blu forest "hallway" in a not-subtle-at-all rainstorm complete with thunder claps at the moment of a lightning strike while Fortune Plango Vulnera plays in the background. Need I say more?
Well, we can agree to disagree. So far the original piece or a remixed piece has not caused me any problems in dungeon/event settings, and flowed perfectly. I'm never planning on making a game as that is not my expertise, but I would just use midi music just for the sake of bandwidth for this site as I can understand that part to what your saying. It's more of a personal choice for me when I'm playing something. I wouldn't force it on anyone.
Never understood the hate for Midi, but then again, I grew up with them. Not that I hate MP3's, either. In any case, I never cared enough playing a game to swap out there music for something else, unless it was a missing music file.

To each their own, I guess.
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Enterbrain employees don't want you to know about this 1 weird trick, discovered by a mom!
Enterbrain employees don't want you to know about this 1 weird trick, discovered by a mom!

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