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None of those are quite what I'm looking for (as is so often the case, I found what I was looking for just minutes after making the request), although they are quite nifty. I'll check out that site, too.

*added to huge pile of stuff*


Also holy shit, I remember Phalanx!
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Phalanx was such an epic (but hard) game. I always thought that it felt a lot like an early Einhander.

Seeing sprite rips from it is making me feel really nostalgic.
My mind is full of fuck.

Make your own character portiart here (etc expressions) here, print screen and edited out the background parts with paint or photoshop.
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I'm looking for battle backgrounds at 640x480 res. I've seen them around (I KNOW THEY EXIST, DAMMIT!) but RMXP's are too small (they don't have the bottom part! Go figure >.>) and my HUD needs a 640X480 resolution. Can anybody help out?

Also to reiterate Max's request, does anyone have the XP Hot Toke battlers? They were pretty creepy and would fit Blood Rose's feel quite well.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Hey guys, was doing some resource collecting and happened upon these sites. They're great, and if you haven't heard of them you're missing out.

This one has a good set of resources for a school-type RPG:

This has battlers and characters (and I mean A SHITTONNE OF BATTLERS):

and this is Etoiler's website:

which has a whole bunch of resources as well.

These are all designed for RMXP, but there are those who prefer the XP character set and what not. Plus, the battlers are easily cross-engine and there's a lot of them in the same style :D
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Yeah, the second one is great.
I don't know why I have it bookmarked as STUDIO PICKLE :p
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I am not sure if I have all of them, but I have at least 339 monster battlers from Hot Toke. The 2k/3 version monster battlers.
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I know they aren't very famous around here, but I edited most of the default battle chars and default hero charset for rmk2k to match the eye colours of the Roco faceset.

Charset had various pixel imperfections (pixels out of place, wrong eye colour, etc):

The Battle chars now have the use item animation (image 2, 4th line), different colour for black/white magic skill use (depends on character), sleep status, confuse, poison, silence, stone, blind, berzerk, HP regen (green arrow), MP regen, paralysis (yellow) and reflect (I call it mirror):

And to make the frozen status and evade I use animations:

To make the evade animation - the 1st frame uses the first part of the combat idle stance with 50% transparency and red/green/blue in 130%, sat in 0%, copy this frame from 1 to 5. 6th frame uses the exact same properties but changes the Image Section to the next animation, again copy this frame from 6 to 10. 11th changes only the Image Section to the 3rd animation of idle stance, copy this from 11 to 15. Then from 16 to 20 repeat the same you did from 6 to 10.

To make frozen status, use the blue image section of the character with 30% transparency, and use the glow image sections (don't use the grid for these, it works better that way), use the 1st animation for the glow in any corner of the character, repeat the frame from 1 to 4, then change the image section for the glow animation and center it in the same coordinates, repeat from 5 to 8, change image section, repeat from 9 to 12, 13th frame uses the same image section but with 110% Magnification and 40% transparency, 14th frame 120% Magni and 60% transp, 15th 130% magni and 80% transp, 16th frame starts the process all over again in another body part, I suggest centering on the hands (one glow at a time) and another part of the head, mine went to 63 frames.

These are intended for Medium Animation Display Speed.
Try it out! The end result looks great!

These are only an example, the full edits amount to 51 files, yes, I edited 15 animations for 14 characters (that's 210 actions!! ARGH!). I can be a very patient man.

If anyone wants the full package then send me a message. Please give credit for editing since I've put a lot of work into these ;)

I'm using them in one of my projects BTW.
Just thought I'd post a massive set of 2k3 FSM stuff. I had these on my computer's hard drive for some time. They're getting harder to come by so I'm going to post them here in hope that they'll be engraved. There's lots of FSM stuff you'll find hanging around in these files. There's a TON of stuff. Some which you might not have found via any FSM resource hosting website.

FSM Battle Char Pack

FSM Charset Pack

FSM Tileset Pack

FSM Faceset Pack

FSM Weapons Pack

Thank you for organizing them all. Great compilation here.
Thank you for organizing them all. Great compilation here.

No problem at all. Just doing my part.


I have another compilation of things this time - voices. I recently let my friend have an alpha version of my project, and she wondered "How'd you get your characters to say things when they hit, dynamically?". I replied: "Sounds, and conditional branches". It then hit me that not too many people had voices in their projects. I found this voice pack awhile ago and again, had it on my hard drive. So I'm hosting it. Enjoy.

Voice Pack
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EssenceBlade saves the day for other people too, I see!
EssenceBlade saves the day for other people too, I see!


I found this website. I have to say, its custom music is amazing, and just candy to the ears!

Presence Of Music
^ Good stuff there. I could see myself using those.
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
For those of you doing 8bit style games here is a website where you can get free customizable 8bit sound effects:

It's really good!
Arthur, or anyone else in this thread for that matter, would you folks know if there are RMK03 battle sprites for Roco's stuff floating around somewhere? Particularly the tall portraits and then the blond, red, and black/silver haired face sets.

As far as my contribution to this topic goes how hard is mac and blue stuff to find these days? I have a decent amount of the chipsets from that set. And then I have some older stuff charset wise though I think what I have is up on so...
I posted a large REFMAP Pack in my post earlier just up above s_w. Its got a large set of chipsets and character-sets etc.

As for the Roco portraits, you mean full body portraits, right? That's in this thread too. I'm sure someone posted the full set of body shots and faces somewhere in this thread. I remember seeing it.

Roco battle sprites, I believe they have to be made. Though it's not that hard to turn them into battlesets, it still takes a while. Just take a look at the influence of REFMAP battlesets and add your own style there.
I was asking if there were battle sprites that went WITH the full body portraits. Though you answered that question. Guess it's time to fire up photoshop and see what I can come up with.
A huge pack of Dragon Quest resources.
From a japanese website so the resources are in Japanese.
For those who use Ace's generator, you know how..well, bleh the faces are right? This I happened to find to make the generator, a wee bit better to our eyes~ ^o^