Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
neat uh...what is it?
Well, it was supposed to be a sacred creature of something. But it can be anything.
Like a pokémon
Hey people here are some ripped mother 3 sprites not putting in sprites almost went to funny farm doing these...buuuutttt if some one wants to put them in a RMXP form that would be just awesome!

Does anyone know where I can get some old western like VX sprites?
This isn't a request topic, ferris. This topic is for people to share interesting resources they've made or found with others.
My bad, sorry. I find some then I'll post them.
No idea why anyone would want it... but here's a system set based on Windows XP layout:

Returning from RMVX Death
Hey guys, been a while since I have been here, wow... I have finally gotten RMVX RE-re-installed again and went digging around in my old files. Found this really nice addition in my vast collection of RPG Maker VX facesets and really want to find the rest of the set, but have had no luck. So, I figured I would share this one with you guys and hope maybe one of you out there knows where the rest of the set is at so I can go get it and give the credit where it is due.

(Still don't know how to make the image appear here in the post, so I have linked it to my account. Anyone can view, no restrictions as far as I know of...)

EDIT: Apparently, you have to copy the link here and past it in your address bar, no clue why... Fluke with apparently... Sorry folks didn't know it would do that. :/
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
I've seen those before, but I think the site died.
I've just noticed how stupid my posts are...
Anyways, I have a few windowskins, but most of them are made by a script...
Here is my 1st windowskin without using the script. (I am crap, I know)

And here is a preview:

Here is another windowskin (My favourite so far):
Returning from RMVX Death
I've seen those before, but I think the site died.

Shoot... Anyone have them on their computers by any chance...? :/
*click me*

Here are some of my resources. I already published them anywhere else, but afaik not in an English com (I don't need 'em anymore, maybe some guys of you can utilize those chars and that other stuff).
Those are great, cilence! :P
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I actually like those windowskins, Dezz.
Tons of Roco stuff: I made this. The game which uses them will come somewhen in the next time. I don't care if you already steal these. But don't remove my logo:


guest roles:
No offense to anyone, but this used to have good resources ):
I actually like those windowskins, Dezz.
Thanks, Max.

@Darken - Meh, sometimes the resources are good lately. Just not much, I guess.

@Deacon - Those faces are great. Good job. ^_^

Suppose I should show some more windowskins. :P

A good site for VX or XP resources, it's in Japanese or something though.
Hi guys, recently I've tried to find all of Bob the taco's chipsets but I've only found these thus far, they were a lot more if I remember correctly but Bob's site is now gone and I never saved them to my pc, *feels dumb* ...Does anyone else have the rest of them or knows where to find them? Please post if you do...!
Did I see Breath of Fire chipsets?!

*steals and runs away*

... Wait a sec. I am not using chipsets. My maps are panoramas. Ripped straight out from the games. Thanks but no thanks. *throws away*

I want all kinds of charas though, but those I can rip myself if there are none around. And the lack of battle animations kills me too.