My mind is full of fuck.
Right now at /vg/ there's a thread on rpg maker, but it does contain download stuff that you buy from preorders, modern tiles etc, so I won't post link. Very odd post, but you can make kids chars here. Though it's a nekkid template maker! Welcome to Japan.
I am looking for a chipset that resembles something like upstate NY. Can anyone help me out?

(I know I probably won't find anything, but it's worth a shot.)
My mind is full of fuck.
Some good rare resources, some of the same you seen before.
My gift to all you awesome FF fangamers out there!

BTW, the original FFVI's Cure animation has been robbed out of Blackmoon Prophecy's /animation folder, and the original FFIV's healing magic have been robbed out of Paradise Blue's /animation folder. If that's somehow wrong, I'm really sorry. >_>
Anyways, make good use! ~ <3 *--*
My mind is full of fuck.

Animation pack made by some japanese guy.
I did a re-color of some RM2K(3) NPC's so that when you need irrelevant filler NPC's for your many towns, you aren't using the exact same sprites for each town. IMO, same sprite = same character following you around from town to town.

I made this face for the charset of Clyde from FF6. In my game, Clyde is similar to Indiana Jones, so it also has elements of Indiana's appearance.

I made this face for the third character in the UPRCset charset. It's also based on the appearance of Top Dollar from The Crow.

If you want Morgan Freeman to be the narrator of your game, I made this faceset...
I'm looking for some of the other RM2K3 chipsets that have this style:
Somewhat inspired by UPRC's Blackmoon Prophecy II, I've started my own project to import as many FF6 graphics as possible in to VXace. As usual, since I doubt I'll make any kind of real or concrete progress on it, I'm posting it all as I go. Like most of my tiles are taken from the Spriter's Resource, with a smaller amount pulled from other tilesets or ripped by hand.

The sets I have completed are the WOB town and Village, the Castle exterior and interior, Vector, and the ship. Everything here probably requires a fair degree of fine tuning, since I haven't bothered to test them out with any rigor.

Thanks for this, nemo. Ace is just as flexible as RM2K, so it's a wonder people haven't ported over all the old rips yet (especially the old NES DQ rips).

I imagine it's because the auto tiles are a lot different to work in Ace than in the older programs.

In any case, great job so far with these.
I'm looking for some of the other RM2K3 chipsets that have this style:

Is this a rip from something?
Did somebody know about the quadcopter (helicopter cat).
I found this neat little quadcopter charset in "that certain site"

Alex is a robot!?

RTP style XP characters

Marth, Ike, Samus and ZS-Samus and Pokemon Trainer are here.

Alice faceset

anyone wants this Gameover screen?

A frankensprited monster from Romancing SaGa 2 of Alex

Megaman Alex!
I decided to cancel one of my RMN projects earlier today. Not wanting it to have been a pointless endeavour, I've decided to upload all of the characters I made using the template I had been using. If anyone wants to use them, you're more than welcome to do so!

Aw, I'm gonna miss Shattered Wings.. I always wondered, were those characters based off of FF IV The Complete Collection field sprites, or something else?
I think that the template was based off of some Final Fantasy game I never heard of, but the sprites themselves were 50% original, 50% based on Fire Emblem portraits I was using.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
That's fucking amazing work, UPRC!

If I were developing a fantasy game (which I might start up again) those will be helpful!
I tried doing some pallette swaps on FF6 Tilesets, and they ended up looking pretty sweet. Since I doubt I'll ever do anything substantive with them, I figured I put them here. The idea is to make it so that the different sets will flow together more, and boy to they ever. This was you are able to make a town that combines the Doma tileset with South Figaro, or Vector, or so on.

Ever wondered why Vector was surrounded by a bottomless pit? Now you can put high castle walls around it! Looks cool with the Vector building, and the girders everywhere.

Now the Skeevy Burgomeisters of South Figaro can rest with their shame in a mighty castle, not the back of a bar!

And this final one goes along with any number of rural towns in the game, and ended up giving the castle a very pretty bluish color. I never got around to doing the base layer here, so it stands as somewhat incomplete, but still usuable.

Anyways, you see what I'm getting at here, simple boring palette swaps and the endless quest to jam everything imaginable on to a tileset. It's pretty mind-breakingly tedious to map with these tiles, so it's probably best left to the professionals, but it can be done.

This is a recoloring I did of a Cecil charset. I also altered the hair so it would look slightly less like Cecil.

and here's a faceset I made to go with it