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I decided to make a post on Electronics Entertainment Expo 08.

So what games are you wanting to see this year and what do you think Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are going to win the battle for supremacy this year?

And for those of you who haven't been watching, (since this years event was invitation only) here's what Microsoft showed off at their press conference today: (Sony's and Nintendo's are both tomorrow)

They really didn't give these first people enough time for their demo, most had to cut short but anyway,

Fallout 3- Awesome looking game from Bethesda, that takes place in a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C.
I saw a demo of it where they built a custom gun out of a leaf blower and a woodchipper and killed a zombie by launching teddy bears out of it. Also the Fat Man portable nuke looks fun to play with.

Resident Evil 5- This next game in the series, from the short demo that they gave, takes place in Africa and follows to investigators from some random company trying to figure out what's going on.(I didn't get a whole lot of detail as they didn't say much before they ran out of time)
Some people are probably going to call this game racist, I guess it is the first Resident Evil game that focuses on killing black zombies.

Fable 2- Takes place 500 years after the original Fable, and a few major landmarks are the same.
They mainly showed off the new multiplayer feature, and you can pull off some pretty cool combos, like one person casting a whirlwind spell and another person casting a fireball at it to set it on fire. And they showed of the fact that you can get married and have children who will grow up as you play it, the wife of the hero that's game they showed had an unusual love of belching, and finds it very funny.
(Release date October 2008)

Gears of War 2- FPS that's about saving the Earth from the Locust Aliens. They gave a really nice demo of this, featuring two people playing in co-op mode. They had a rather surprising number of enemies on screen for using the unreal engine. I especially liked how after the first stage of the boss when he knocked over the building they were shooting out off, they rode an elevator sideways to escape the burning part of the building they were in, and the elevator feebly tried to play elevator music in the background.
(Release date Nov. 7, 2008 Worldwide)

They showed off a bunch of new features in the remade Xbox live, such as the new avatars, avatar group playing, watching movies, sharing photos etc, the new Netflix partnership (I guess their attempt to recover from their lack of blue-ray support), and interestingly game show online game partnerships with TV game show companies, such as 1vs100 which they showed off, and you can play them and win real cash prizes.
A few new Xbox live games. Including the new Portal: Still Alive.

Banjo-Kuzooi: Nuts and Bolts- seemed to be more aimed at a younger audience, their largest adventure yet, one notable feature I saw was that you could build your own vehicles (release date: this holiday)

Sceneit: Box Office Smash- Multiplayer trivia game that comes with its own controller

Your in the Movies- is a game that's about making B movies starring your friends and family. You play games using the eye cam that comes with it, and it edits them into movies.
In the demo promotion they had a skinny guy swap at hornets, and a fat lady boogie, and it edited it into a B movie called Cold-Blooded, (this was made with more games played by people they didn't show at the conference) (with usual old b movie fair, quote “No weapons known to man can hurt it. Can science defeat this monster“) Where there was a lab accident making a giant genetically mutant lizard with superpowers, that for the first 5 minutes showed some recognizable motions of them screaming in terror and running through the city to escape it, then creating a giant baited pitfall trap to kill it. Looked pretty cool, you could probably entertain yourself with it for awhile.

Guitar Hero World Tour- well its Guitar Hero, with a drum kit and songs from around the world

Lips- Singing game with all kinds of music, and you actually have to sing the words and hit the right pitch unlike in Rock Band. They had a pretty nice trailer of a group of friends playing it. And had Duff singing her hit Mercy to show it off.
(release date: this holiday)

Rock Band 2- There's already a post here on that, but Rock Band 2 with a bunch of new songs, and they specifically said that they now have songs from AC DC and are the only music game to have them. (release date: holiday ‘08)

And at the end of the conference, they surprised us all when the president of SquareEnix came on stage and introduced Infinite Discover- Xbox360 exclusive title, Star Ocean The Last Hope, Last Remnant- also to be made available for the pc, and after a few minutes when we thought we were done interrupted Don Mattricks to surprise us with Final Fantasy XIII and its trailer, you could literarily hear the gasps and then cheers of Final Fantasy players.

That's right, Microsoft ended with FOUR SquareEnix Titles!
(Dammit now I have to buy an Xbox 360)

Wheelman- Racing game that focuses on skill rather than trying to unlock really fast cars. The game will tell part of the story and the movie of it will tell another part.

EA Media Announcement:

Runner- Takes place in a world controlled by strict government, runners are used to deliver important messages while evading capture.

Spore- The ultimate sim game, create your own race and dominate the universe. (release date: Nov. 7, 2008)
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Star Ocean Till The End of Time

Somebody at Tri-Ace deserves a punch in the face for such a stupid title. Who thought it would be a good idea to have two games in a series with such similar subtitles?
I don't know, they're Japanese and I'm an Amerikan, I suppose that makes a difference.
On another note I always get confused by the Final Fantasy 1 and 2 were not released untill later over here and so FF3 actually is FFVI bullshit.
(But thats always because I forget how many they didn't release so how much I have to add to the title number)

Edit: I actually though on that and Till the End of Time is like saying this is the game in the game in the series to play until The End of Time (game),
or a way of saying prequel to End of Time. Or maybe I am reading to much into this.
I was really quite disappointed with Nintendo's E3.

* Ubisoft's Shaun White Snowboarding to use Wii Balance Board
* Nintendo selling 200k Wiis a week, 700k a month
* Animal Crossing: City Folk coming to Wii in 2008
* Nintendo introduces the Wii Speak community microphone
* Wii Sports Resort coming to the Wii, with Motion Plus in tow
* English version of DS recipe application coming to America in November
* Nintendo announces GTA: Chinatown Wars
* Nintendo announces Wii Music with 50 instruments

These are still good but where are the Mario, Zelda, Metroid sequels, or even spin-offs? The only thing that really interested me was Wii Music (which I've been looking forward to for forever).
Tbh, all the overused IPs need a break and that's what Nintendo are doing. I'm just going to catch up on some of the games I've had no time playing like Zelda: PH and Mario Galaxy.
... unless someone at E3 messed up SERIOUSLY, it's not "Star Ocean: The End of Time." It's "Star Ocean: The Last Hope." That's what all the advertising in the most recent trailers and on the official website says.

Also, the only current series game that'll interest me in the Nintendo field is Metroid 5.
Here's the rundown of all the things that happened at the Nintendo Press Confrence int he order they happened.
Nintendo Press Conference:

After a long entrance of various people enjoying the Nintendo DS and Wii, the American Sales Executive of Nintendo came on stage and she started talking about how rewarding as a parent it is for her to work for Nintendo and she introduced Wii Snowboarding for the Wii Balance Board, which was shown off by a professional snowboarder they had worked with to make it, then she gave a rather entertaining try.

Then the Nintendo President came on stage and talked about videogames past, and the broadening audience of casual games. I'm not going to copy his whole speech, find it somewhere and watch it, but here are some highlights after that. He talked about supporting both old franchises and new casual games. He also talked about the expanding user base, and the need to keep expanding the videogame industry.

Animal Crossing: City Folks- a dynamic real-time world where you live as your character, explorer and do things, and can also interact with friends, this version for the Wii includes a new large city to explore, introduces the Wii speak microphone, which takes in every word in the room and allows you too communicate with voice chat. (release date 2008)

Then the President of Nintendo of America cam on stage and gave a speech on the number of sales of the Wii and DS. Talked about the success of third party games on the Wii.

These Games Only had a short demo, they were mainly just announced:

Raman Ravening Rabbits(next game)
Call of Duty: World of War

Talked about DS game sales.

Guitar Hero Decades for DS announced
Spore for DS Official announced

Talked about some of the many new DS wireless functions to be added, such as internet access, cookbook system, expanded chat, and many more features.

New Wii Motion+ Remote, tracks in perfect 3D with more great precision, the precise motion tracking tells exactly where your hand is. Showed off in the new Wii Sports title, Wii Sports Resort, where they showed off Frisbee, Jet skiing and !Sword Dueling! between the American Sales Executive and American President!

Wii Music- play many different kinds of instruments with the Wiimote, they showed of these instruments in a solo- drums, sax, and guitar. Then they had five people play the Mario theme song with all the necessary instruments!

They then ended with a summary of the new games they had showed.

Sony's is about in another 30 minutes.
@trance2 I guess somebody at E3 did mess up. I heard Star Ocean: The End of Time
I dunno where you watching it, then, 'cause GameSpot, IGN, AND GameTrailers have it has "The Last Hope." <.<

Also, I wonder if the introduction of WiiMotion+ will give us Castlevania Wii. Since the producer/creator/whatever said he didn't want to do one until you could make a full whip motion with the Wiimote, as supposed to just flicking your wrist or something.
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Wow. I am so glad I bought an XBox.
Is the new animal crossing going to have a job system or some legitimate way of earning bells (cash)? I don't think the game needs more people, I think it needs more fun things to do. Jobs can be mini-games or something like on the Urbz. Which held some sort of interest. Also, there's the fact that I lose interest ridiculously fast since the only way to make money is by getting crap from your friends and pawning it, planting bell trees (1 a day ughhh), selling fruit, or getting seashells. Which after about 4 hours of that you have about $7000 and you can't buy hardly anything good with that. So most of the time in previous animal crossing games, you'd go down to the clothing store and design stuff to put as your flag and such.
I'm seriously considering selling the Wii because it's pretty horrible and I don't even play the AAA titles for it. I have some of the good games, but I don't play them(Brawl, Metroid). This E3 pretty much summed up the rest of the what the Wii will be for the next few years(which is nothing good).
Microsoft wins this E3. I'm not seeing anything special from Sony right now. Unless they have some God of War 3 footage lined up or something.
Well shit.
God of War 3.

(Too bad there's no gameplay footage?)
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Nope no gameplay footage.

As for the state of Wii, there are still good games coming out for it. None of those are from Nintendo, however, which is very very strange for a Nintendo system.
Sorry about it being so late, my internet screwed up.

Sony Press Conference:

After a cool intro which was a remix of various playstation 3 games, Jack Trenton walked on stage, gave a nice long, but entertaining intro speech, followed with the history of the playstation. Then talked about the ps3's blue-ray support and its extreme computing power, as well as al its extra features. Then he started talking about the games.

Resistance 2 Fall of Man- Takes place in 1953 America, for the past 2 years the Chimera have been scouting and testing their borders. Now they have begun the full invasion. Awesome trailer of a guy with a rocket launcher fighting a gigantic cyborg bipedal walker titan thingamajig. Has 8 payer online co-op, and 60 player multiplayer games.

Little Big Planet- Platformer game that users have the full ability to make levels and make new content and obstacles in. Showed an interesting level they made using the designer to show it off. And you can customize sack boy's (the character) looks. Create your Ultimate Tom and Jerry trap!
(release date: October 2008)

Started talking about playstation 2, and how it's the most popular platform, has the most content, and there were 35 new games made for it this year. Showed of the titles along with a short game play trailer of each in a video. Talked about how it is good for social gaming, with titles like singstar and rock band. Announced the new special edition Lego Batman Playstation 2 for younger families first entering gaming.

Playstation Network
Can now join network and view from any internet connected device. Gave speech on what it provides.
Showed off the new easy to use inter face.
Can now download and new network exclusive full length games:
Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty- Takes places where tools of destruction left off. Has game play new to the series. (release date: this summer)

Showed a trailer of full length games only availing on the network, about 20 titles and short game play trailer.

Showed off and told about the new trophy system.

Showed the Grand Turismo TV for ps3 that shows free and pay per view automotive shows and races.

Showed a video of playstation home detailing some of the stuff you can do.

Publicly announced the new network video delivery service can buy and download full-length movies and TV shows. Content can be put on multiple devices, the difference between theirs and the others is its portable, can watch on Psp. Showed a demo of it. (Release date: Tonight!)

Gave speech on psp and its features.
Announced madden entertainment pack this fall for psp.

Resistance Retribution- resistance fall of man for psp, takes place in Europe (release date: spring 2009)
Titles with short Trailers:
Starwars: Force Unleashed
Madden 09
NBA 09
Super Stardust
Lego Batman
Papotan 2
Buzz! Master Quiz
Valkry Chronicles

Gave speech on why developer like PS#, and all the internet features like its own you tube branch because of its open platform system. Talked about the new MMOs for PS3

DC Universe Online- Create your own hero or super villains and stop evil villains or scheme to kill Batman, epic battles, and contains all of the comic book heroes, and villains.

Gave another speech saying the 80 gig PS3 is now going to be $399 and that they continue to power ahead in number of games, and with a video of them asking publishers and developers what they think about the extreme processing and graphics powers of the PS3.

Then Gave the Final lineup with titles and a short trailer of each
Madden 09
Motor Storm Race Rift
Metal Gear Solid 4
Quantum of Solace
Socom Confrontation
Soul Caliber 4
Resistance fall of Man 2
The Agency
Naruto Storm
Mirror's Edge
Resident Evil 5
Guitar Hero World Tour
NBA 09
Buzz! Quiz
Kill Zone 2

Then they surprised us with a trailer for God of War III, and then a trailer for a new game called InFamous .

They Ended with the creator of the New MMO-MAG for the Playstation 3 talking about the game and its development. It is a massive online shooting game with up to 256 people in an area fighting.

Overall, I though Sony had one of the best put together conferences.
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As for the state of Wii, there are still good games coming out for it. None of those are from Nintendo, however, which is very very strange for a Nintendo system.

Right now Nintendo has been focusing on their casual games and finishing up the games that they started with Wii Sports and ended with Wii Music. They've also been trying to get more third party developers creating games on the Wii and they mean to attract even more with the new Wii Motion+ since now they have nearly perfected their motion sensitive technology, and alow developers to create a completly unique kind of gameplay.

On the other hand, the PS3 has nearly limitless computing power, combined with its 80 gig storage spaces and the fact that it can be hooked up to TVs with a 1080pi cable.
I mean really, IBM used the same technology that was first used for the PS3's cpu in their newest super computer. I'm thinking of installing windows Xp on my PS3 and just storing all my files on a 1 Terrabyte usb tome, then I won't have to worry about hardware specs for awhile. On the badside it only has 4 usb ports and I would also have to use a usb mouse and keyboard.
That thing you want but never who I am
in the end they're all gaming systems, and I think the 360 has the best library to date, and the best games announced at E3.

Too bad I don't own a 360.
RMN sex symbol
Why must Sony lie so much. During the conference saying the PSP is outselling the DS worldwide and how the Playstation 3 has sold so much more. I am SO fucken thinking of trading in.. But Infamous, Tekken 6, Resistance 2, an what not are the games keeping me in.

Man if Infamous was multi platform though I would so be getting a 360. I like how they are finally giving the PSP some love with Resistance and Patapon 2 and whatever that Valkry thing is.
Ahah! Even Yahoo thinks that Sony is winning this year's E3.


I'm still thinking about buying a 360 though. Its the only one of the three I don't have.

@Tau, the inFamous trailer did look cool but I'm waiting on Resistance 2- chainsaw bayonets, meatshields, and a really big hammer and Fallout 3, my deadly leafblower/woodchipper doom launcher that fires exploding teddybears or lunchboxes or whatever the crap I find laying around. ;D
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