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Main Idea
Ever play final fantasy mystic quest? Or Dragon Quest where it pops up with a quick item menu in the field so you can choose what to use? Well, I am looking for a script that does that; Pops up with a quick item menu for a item based, event scripted battle system.

Basically, in order for the main character to attack, I want him to be forced to use a item. So on this battle screen, when his turn comes, he steps forward and a item screen pops up, he chooses the item to use, and then I finish up the rest of the battle with event scripting. I can do this with a absurd amount of show choice commands, and conditional trees, but it would be so much easier if instead of me manually creating show choices for every item in the game, for a menu just to pop up on call, and then my conditional choices to detect the item used.
Does this make any sense at all?

Well, I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction for a script.
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Try looking at some of Yanfly's scripts. He has a lot of field scripts.

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