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I was wondering what everyone else's thoughts were on these graphics?
Would you guys like to play a game with these graphics?
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Maybe if they were bigger.
I think the size is ok because I plan to make custom graphics.
I actually agree with Kory-- your game is going to look tiny by that scale! Maybe that's what you're going for, I dunno, but personally I wouldn't play it just because I'd be squinting without a window resizer.

The shapes do look very nice and cute though, with good silhouettes.
I did want to go for a small size with the graphics, but I guess that its
alittle too small. I think I can increase the size abit.
The only problem I see with this style is that their head seems flat. Try adding one or two extra pixel rows of hair above the heads.
I noticed that as well. I was wondering what to do about that but It never cross
my mind to add more hair...I really don't like drawing hair.
I've seen a number of games that my brother plays online that have really small sprites like this so I think these sprites could work.
I would like to see the characters in a screenshot or two though for context.
As long as the sprites work in their environment I figure it'd be fine.
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