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Just a curiosity, so here's my channel: link

As you'll notice in the url, it is listed under the "channel" directory and not a "user" directory. I'm pointing this out because for some reason links on the RMN profile page automatically throw the user directory in, turning my link incorrect. Take note, I think the channel directory came about when YouTube enabled you to create multiple channels under one user account.

So, was there a reason this behavior was put into place? Was their something weird going on with linking to YouTube pages before? In any case, the real question is whether there would be an easy way to alter this as the link above is the channel I dedicate to gamedev/RMN stuff. Would something bad happen if you took out the behavior? Would there be a way to have it recognize both "user" and "channel" directories?

Thank you for your time, assistance would be appreciated!

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I probably didn't know about the channel URL at the time (or maybe they weren't introduced yet..??), but yeah, I have to revisit that part of the user profile and make some changes. Thanks for the heads up
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