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I bring you news from the world ^^.
Also the Game Contest 2013 of the Biggest WebSite/Forum of Italy is finished !
The website is , the main area in Italy for many developers that use rpg maker (2000/03, xp, vx and ace)
But we start to show you the winners !
The Best of Rpg2s :
3- Chronicles of Malvagion Download & other
By Lollo Roket Diver

Chronicles of Malvagion is the sequel of Tales of Banalia (another game of the same author, aslo it on FreankExpo).
But in practice it'is not a sequel, but a spinoff because the events happen in the second part of Tales of Banalia ... whereupon ... let's play it ! :P
It's a parody of the classic stereotype of RPG games.
2- Detective Trap Download & other
By Idriu95

Point & click ispired by famous manga, with original graphics and drawings.
1- Carnelian Download & other
By Seraph Andrew

Future.Year : 2613. The Earth is over. Humans have found the salvation in space colonization. 
You start with the Lt. Dol Aldebaran, in the mission following the accident in the ruins of Babylon. 
In the detail... the several Categories :
Best Game RpgMaker 2000/2003 :
1- Carnelian Download & other
2- Chronicles of Malvagion Download & other
3- Shin Quest Download & other
Best Game XP :
1 - Detective Trap Download & other
Best Game VX:
1 - Our Hero 3 Download & other
2 - Our Hero 2 Download & other 
But i remember you that there're many sub-categories and other winners that you can see on Rpg2s!
As always, i show you the trailers realized by us about the winners :
3. Chronicles Of Malvagion : 

2. Detective Trap :

1. Carnelian :


You can see the trailer of winners of all national contest in the world here :
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