Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Please, elaborate.

Okay, here are my first impressions:

- Cash' Cat's been behaving a bit strangely since his first post - not quite scummy, but not quite innocently either, as evidenced by the slight contradiction in his posts. Thus, I believe him/her to be Indie for now.
- I don't mind JJJ7 voting to lynch me, but the entire post in which they did it came across as very fake to me.
- Wildwes' reaction and JJJ7's rapid withdrawal aren't helping matters - in fact, I'm inclined to believe JJJ7's even more scummy now - just look at that ridiculously overdramatic post.
- Ilian's post immediately following JJJ7 also seems fake. Yes, I have no proof but I've played enough games (yes, I have played Mafia before, btw) to recognise when one's being sincere and when they're not.

So, at the moment:

Mafia: Ilian, Wildwes, JJJ7
Indepndent: CashmereCat

I'm fine with lynching any of my three Mafia suspects.
author=Yellow Magic
Just look at that ridiculously overdramatic post.

I'm not gonna try to change your mind,
Because I don't think that's possible,
but just for the record, a lot of my posts are exagerated...
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
I don't share your feelings on Ilian, but the rest were spot on diagnosed, IMO. For Ilian, I'm reading it as too polite and innocent (in the new way, no offense) to be defined as baddie. Could be wrong, but it's my gut instinct. Whereas players such as yourself(YM) or Liberty, I dunno. It'll take more time and investigation.

Your concerns of the nolynch giving us no information is true; but it also gives us more breathing room. In the end we're shooting blanks at suspects, but at least we have the line up to fire at. If we dwindle on day 1 and miss, we screw up that lee-way.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
JJJ7, so what you're saying is that you went out of your way to build a reputation of exaggeration, in anticipation of this game? (Please say yes)
@Yellow Magic: I assure you that I'm neither a mafia or an independent, I'm just doing what I think is the most convenient option for the start, and I think that the best option for now, is to do what Liberty says, and don't rush to conclusions.

@Liberty: Thanks for the vote of confidence... if that was a vote of confidence...
Well, it's not like I wanted to!
Plus I'm not very good explainig things in english
so that may confuse some people...
@Dudesoft : Thank you also Dudesoft! But by the way, it's Ilan, not Ilian, but don't worry, I know it's a weird name...
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
@Ilan: Just pointing out the logic of more time on first day = more of a feel for how people swing. We have enough time to spend trying to get a better feel for people so we should take it and talk amongst ourselves.

I'll agree that JJJ7 is kinda sus, but then he is a new player (I think? I can't recall having played with him before) so it might just be his newbness coming through. Or he could have slipped up. Saying that Gourd could have killed himself is pretty silly, considering that if that were the case there wouldn't be a murder for us to solve or knowledge of scum to be wary of. And the back-pedal was sus, but then again, anyone would back-pedal in that kind of situation when they were called out as being straight-out wrong so... he's coming off as kinda reactionary at the moment to me.

As for Wes, he was quick to jump on my lead and then back off when reminded about the possibility of No Lynch majority vote. It's a little sus and he has had a few turns around in the bull pen, so to speak. But then, he usually comes off as either really innocent or really skeevy - it's just a matter of figuring out which is which. I guess I'll just have to keep an eye out.

Ilian seems oddly seeking my approval for whatever reason. I can understand trying to get in nice with others but sucking up in every post just makes you seem like you're trying to be buddy-buddy and that makes you a bit sus in my book. Jumping on anyone's lead is silly at this point of the game - it's good to explore your thoughts with others, sure, but don't just agree all-out with someone. It's classic mafia tactic to get in good (that is, considered 'one of the fold') with a townie and then hope you are linked with them when someone like a cop checks them out so that they can vouch for you. I don't like that you jump all up on me like that.

Cash is definitely someone I'm looking at as either an aggressive townie or indy. I don't think a mafia would be quite so separationalistically out there on the first day, let alone the first post, but hey, odder things have happened. Putting himself in the firing range like that for any cop is smart, though. If he is a townie it almost guarantees that the cop (I assume we have one. I hope we have one. Who knows. >.<; ) will check him out this night just to make sure. I kinda wish I'd thought of it so that I'd be verified straight out too. The only way it could back-fire is if the cop (again, assuming we have one) dies before that information is leaked. It's certainly a very bold move and I'm leaning more towards his being town.

As for Dudes, I don't know. He's reacting logically (bar the gut feeling but I can't talk about that when my gut feelings tend to sway me at times too XP ) and just existing at the moment. I'll need to see more comments before I make a stab at his role. He's currently in that murky area of no-idea-ness.

And YM? Another logically inclined individual who points out people as possible suspects. I do agree with some of your points, though, but the finger pointing makes me a bit sus. Then again, we're all suspicious of each other (obviously) so only more talking can help with that.

As for those who have yet to talk... I'm looking forward to seeing what clues we can glean from them when they do. Maybe we'll be able to build a better picture. Hell, it's possible that none of the mafia have said anything yet.

There is a rule against no participation, correct? I'm looking forward to seeing who has replied when I return from the land of sleep. ^.^ Don't go lynching anyone while I'm away, okay?
@Liberty: Not being a sucker, not attract too much attention, and don't get myself killed. Understood.
#NoLynch. It's the first day, so there's no concrete evidence pointing towards anyone just yet. We need as many peeps alive as possible, and random lynching isn't going to help that.

Also, hi Wes. Didn't realize you signed up :3
Hello ARGM! I should probably add something to this post but I ain't got nothin' to say.
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
The twelve attendees gathered together and discussed who among them were the perpetrators of the murder on Eddard Stark. It did not take them long, however, to decide that quickly jumping to conclusions was a bad idea, and thus they decided nobody was suspicious enough to kill that day. Everyone returned to the festivities, but the optimistic mood of yesterday was gone. Everybody kept wondering what would happen the next night. Eventually, imminently, the sun crept below the horizon, and everyone went to bed, uneasy.

Nobody was lynched day 1!

Final Day 1 votecount:

Dudesoft - 1: CashmereCat
Yellow Magic - 0: JJJ7
wildwes - 1: Yellow Magic
NoLynch - 8: Liberty, Ilan14, wildwes, Dudesoft, JJJ7, PlatinumAshes, JJJ7, Arandomgamemaker, Isrieri
Not voting - 2: Khameal, I-2-ISearchMe

Night 1 starts now! Mina-san, send your night actions within 24 hours!

@Isrieri Don't worry about it. People almost always accidentally post after hammer. I'll even take your vote into account, since it doesn't change the outcome.
"My father told me this would happen."
I'm really all about myself and not about any team winning.

talk lots because if you don't talk that much I'm voting you.

Basically, what you're saying is, even if you aren't mafia I should vote to hang you anyway. Got it. I will remember that.

Although I don't necessarily agree that hanging in the first round is a dumb move, we don't have enough evidence to go around killing people. That much is true. #NoLynch from me as well.

However out of everyone, Cashmere is the most suspect to me at the moment; going out and accusing Dudesoft like that. Its almost as if...its something a completely new person with a trigger-happy finger would do.
"My father told me this would happen."
Well dammit, I didn't see you there, Jeroen. Sorry.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
Sorry to edit, I didn't notice we're on night and posted shit. My bad.
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
A new day approached, and 8 of the 12 attendees gathered. Everyone looked around in confusion, because 4 people were missing. The morning crept by. Growing impatient, they searched the chambers of those who were missing. When the first attendee opened the door to Arya StarkĀ“s room, a scream of horror filled the air. PlatinumAshes was lying in bed, a sword and a bloody knife lying on the floor. The sheets were coloured red with blood from a clean cut across the throat. Horrified, the 8 continued their search. Making their way to the room of CashmereCat, they found Jon Snow lying by his door, pierced through the chest, his head turned as if to look at an invisible attacker with his glazy eyes. Terrified about the fate of the other two, they ran towards the room of the next missing person, only to see him exiting his chambers, yawning and stretching. 'Sorry, I overslept. Did I miss something?' After a quick look of contempt was given by the other 8, the 9 surviving attendees made their way to Margaery Tyrell's room, but found her dead in the hallway. After verfying that Liberty was dead, everyone gathered, feeling more pressed to find out who amongst them were the murderers...

PlatinumAshes died Night 1! He was Arya Stark, a Seraph Knight!
About Seraph Knight:
One night of own choosing, can choose one player. This player will be defended from all nightkills until the Seraph Knight dies.

CashmereCat died Night 1! He was Jon Snow, a Vanilla!

Liberty died Night 1! She was Margaery Tyrell, a Godfather!
About Godfather:
When investigated by a Cop, will flip town.

Khameal was replaced by Adon237!

I-2-ISearchMe was replaced by Gourd_Clae!

Day 2 starts now, it will end June 18th, noon GMT, in about 69 hours.

Not voting - 9: Dudesoft, JJJ7, wildwes, Ilan14, Arandomgamemaker, Yellow Magic, Isrieri, Adon237, Gourd_Clae

With 9 alive, it takes 5 to hammer.
A triple murder!!! Things are going fast...

So in the end Liberty was a Mafia after all, who would have tought that? Certainly, I didn't.

I guess it's time to start the jugdment...
I-2-ISearchMe was replaced by Gourd_Clae!

I new that corpse was a decoy!

Well, three deads, now is time to finger point I guess...

I guess the Mafia killed the townies, but who killed Liberty?
A Indepedent maybe? They can do that?
Mafia can kill more than one townie? Aparently...

Geez, I thought there was only one dead per night...
Many questions, no answers...
The heck!?
Damn you editing adiction!!!