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Hi folks, Im back!
Im working on a roguelike project in VX Ace, using Saba Kans Random Dungeon Generator. I started the project last year and learned a lot about VX Ace until today. I am OK at scripting and think I have what it takes to tackle such a project (for example I modified Saba Kans script so that the mini-map can be toggled on/off and there are tweaks to the dungeon generator itself allowing dungeons with unlimited floors on a single map by re-using the map etc.).

As of now, Im using the standard battle system. There are on-screen touch encounters but then you go to the battle screen and fight using the standard battle system. The same thing is true to all the menus and basic database of the maker. This approach is not really "rogue like" as those games usually have "map screen battles". Scripting this project into a "real" rogue like is lot of additional work. Okay, now here is my question, which path should I choose?

A. A pseudo Roguelike RPG
Using the standard battle system, featuring a party of 4, lots of skills and customization options, tons of items (almost like in an MMO). All done using the default systems and database.

B. A "true" Roguelike
In order to achieve this, I am forced to cut back on the complexity. Pros: Map Screen Battles, Interacting with enemies and objects right on the map etc. Cons: Only 1 Hero (no party), only a few dozen scripted items and skills. Not tons of them.

If you want to know more about the project, you should check out the games page here on RMN (note: the latest blog post is still targeted towards a "pseudo roguelike" approach).

Thanks for any opinion!

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