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Hello, I need a little help with a script I'm using. Namely Moghunter's Active Chain Commands. I contacted the creator first of course, but he seems to have been swallowed by a black hole, so I'm asking in general now.

This is his script page: http://www.atelier-rgss.com/RGSS/Battle/ACE_BAT20.html
And this is the actual script because no one should have to download the master demo to get to it.

Now, it works great on the surface, but there's one major oversight; You can still chain skills even if you don't have the correct resources. So if you have 5 MP, and a prompt for a 35 MP skill comes up to be chained, you can do it with no repercussions.

This is retarded. And really unbalanced.

And so I'm wondering if anyone can look through and maybe figure out if there's a way to prevent chain prompts from appearing if the right resources aren't available?(IE; MP/TP)

Edit: Okay never mind maybe. Moghunter escaped from the black hole that ate him previously. This might get solved officially. Thanks though!
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