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I knew that the glyphs exist but somehow never used them. The other (except the \> \<) I knew for a long time. The automatic closing \^ is especially useful in cutscenes after a few \|s, and can also be a nice effect of someone being interrupted. One thing I'm still not sure about is where the escape characters work. I know everything works in messages and \V \N \C works in choices too. I remember trying \C in new game menu and it didn't work, but I recall glyphs working in other strings.
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I don't know what ''End Event Processing'' does.
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I don't know what ''End Event Processing'' does.
It does precisely what it says. It ends running events.

It's mainly useful for parallel process events to stop them from continuously running when a certain condition is met. Otherwise, you can get away with just calling a new, blank page with self switches and still get the same effect.
It's really good for if you have a lighting effect (or something) that you want shown on-screen after teleport, but before fade-in. Just have a Parallel process run that shows the image and end with End Event Process. It automatically erases that event. When you leave the map and come back in it automatically does the same thing - it's basically great for events you want to run each time you enter a map.
@CharlieEND> If you take a peek into the script editor, you'll find that everything that uses the 'draw_text_ex' function to display text interprets the escape characters (a good example is the message window). Apparently, Window_TitleCommand uses 'draw_text' which simply displays text, ignoring any escape characters that may be present.

Random Tip: If you want to do something that you normally can't do (like teleporting the player in a move route, or swapping the positions of the player and an event), take a peek into Game_Interpreter via the Script Editor. It contains all that is needed to perform event commands via script calls (and much more, with a little creativity).

This is where I turn to when I'm not sure how to do this-and-that.
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You can change the system music on Events Page 3.. here is the script version:

or .setVictoryMe(name)
or .setDefeatMe (name)
or for vehicle:
$gameMap.vehicle(ID of vehicle).setBgm(name);

But you cannot change the system sound effect? Is there a plugin for this? Here is what you could accomplish if this was editable:

1) You could make random cursor sounds, well suited for a kusoge (bakage?) game.

2) Alternately, you could make the cursor and confirm sound effects to be the individual notes of your game's theme song (in sequence)!

3) You have a temporary scene where your character transforms into a dog. Replacing the normal static system sounds the player is used to, with dog sounds! Could you imagine the Menu Confirm sound turning into "Woof!"
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The thought in my head is that if one really wanted to make random sound effects, one could do something like...

module Sound
  # Cursor Movement
  def self.play_cursor
    sound = rand($data_system.sounds.size)

  # Decision
  def self.play_ok
    sound = rand($data_system.sounds.size)

  # Cancel
  def self.play_cancel
    sound = rand($data_system.sounds.size)

  # Buzzer
  def self.play_buzzer
    sound = rand($data_system.sounds.size)

  # And so on.

...this, where it randomizes the sound effect based on what's been entered in the database.
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