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Look guys, it's become an actual thing now!

For those who don't know what this is, Mighty No. 9 is a new platformer being made by Keiji Inafune (co-creator of Mega Man) and his new development team. Keiji knew what we all wanted, more Mega Man, and he's delivering the goods as best he can since Mighty No. 9 is pretty much Mega Man in everything but name. The above trailer has me really excited for this game. It looks pretty fun and oozes old school Mega Man goodness. The game's still early in development, so there will probably loads of refinements before the full release as well.

See, Capcom? It's not so hard to make a proper Mega Man game after all.
In theory, he could now just purchase Capcom and make Mega Man again.
@ Rya - haha, oh the irony... XD

lookin' good tho : ) seems like you have to first stun the enemy with your blaster, then go for the kill by tackling?
Yup, it seems that getting their health down to zero before tackling them gives a higher rate for bonus points. Nice mechanic.
Dash attack in general looks fun. It makes me think of the Mach Dash + Gaurd Shell combo in X6, except not hilariously broken. Also nice that it doubles as an evasive slide like the dash in the Zero series (if the X series ever made use of the Dash's lower profile, I don't remember it), and seems to give you a nice stomp attack, as well.

Yeah, this game looks like its gonna be pretty good!
The TM is for Totally Magical.
This is looking great! Brings back memories.
i'm a big megaman fan so naturally i'm interested in this. All those people yapping about capcom not using megaman enough better buy this. Megaman was going downhill as far as the general interest went. Even with quality releases like megaman x8, transmission, MM9 and 10, people didn't care.

only now that megaman is "gone", they got vocal...
I think they started to get vocal when Capcom canned both Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe in the span of just a few months.

I was personally looking forward to Mega Man Universe an awful lot because I love making levels in games, so I was gutted when it was cancelled.
Ugh. Sorry my white knighting mode switches on sometimes when talking about megaman and few other capcom franchises. I spent unhealthy amount of time on this very anti-capcom themed board, remnants from that board still trigger occasionally :-/

anyways, yea, legends 3 was a big hit no doubt that woke people up as far as megaman is concerned. But people's feelings towards megaman were very much dormant before that. Only handheld games fared well and even those were in decline with ZX and Starforce series'

Megaman Universe didn't interest me personally that much as it was one of capcom's outsourced projects made in west and didn't have place in official timeline. Still it might have been throwback to classics in a similar way as this game is now.
anti-capcom themed board,

don't you mean the internet
Yea, the tackling mechanic definitely seems like a cool idea that could add for a lot of interesting enemy and level designs. Looks neat so far! I'm not sure if I'm in love with the 2.5D graphical style, though. I also don't know how well the point/combo system fits in with Mega Man, but I guess we'll see!
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